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All the information below is provided by Pink Pangea community members based on their experiences abroad. Feminine Hygienic Products Gretchen says: In smaller towns, beauty boutiques should carry them.

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Villages are going to be hit or miss with supply of feminine products as they are with anything else that has to come in on a truck. Quality can get iffy outside of the major cities, though, so I recommend bringing some from home if you expect you may be sexually active. If you use a prescription birth control, get as much as you possibly can from home.

Based on their experiences, I recommend avoiding in-country gynecology appointments if at all possible.

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Breastfeeding is completely socially acceptable. Breasts are not sexualized in the same way that they are in the Western world, though a foreigner breastfeeding on the street would attract a lot of attention, and I expect that most of it would be negative. Especially for women, there is a great deal of shame and embarrassment associated with hormones and sexuality; the mindset surrounding general sexuality can be described as repressive on a good day.

It just means you need to exercise caution, as should you everywhere else in the world.

Labeling it a polygamist society is an excuse because the culture is changing. The exception to this is mosques. This is getting creepy!

Much of Cameroon is also quite conservative where relationships are concerned. Dowry ceremonies exist here, and the level of importance and seriousness attached to that tradition will vary family to family. One told me that he wants to always have the same level of education as his wife and vice versa.

If I have my PhD, she will have hers, too. And I have not thus far met a man who was born and raised in Cameroon who truly sees women as being on the same playing field as him. Even in the case of the sweet friend who wants to be equal in education believes that he is meant to have the last say in all things. Vocal, stubborn women—feminists, really—are often seen as a novelty, an anomaly that can be tamed by the right man.

However, I still know of expat-local couples who have dated very successfully, some of them even marrying. Male university students that I typically encounter are a bit on the wild side, but can be really fun and really good friends to have. They tend to understand why you, as a foreign woman, get frustrated by marriage proposals, and are much more inclined to be platonic friends.

A lot of middle-aged and older Cameroonian How To Date A Cameroonian Man are just delightful. One of my favorite things to do here is to sit down with older tailors or carpenters as they work and ask them questions about Cameroon and their perspective on the world in general. Non-hetero sexuality is illegal in Cameroon. They are quieter about it than other countries on the continent, but according to Human Rights Watch, Cameroon has actually arrested and prosecuted more sexual minorities than any other country in sub-Saharan Africa.

Despite the illegality of their sexuality, I actually still know quite a few LGBTQ expats here who are doing go here well.

Regrettably, under no circumstances should you be openly out here. Women are not equal to men. Certainly, women in traditional roles here can be powerful. However, both traditionally and legally, men still hold click here final say in all things.

Men have undisputed custody over children in Cameroon.

Now its over, they are rotten to the core. AA men are cool too, but I am detached from them socially and I do not quite understand them sometimes. If it was a white man in that same dynamic he would get no play by those same white women. Holla holla on that girlfriend I am married to a East African who is the love of my life!

If a man leaves his wife, he gets to take the children. Professionally, women are able to work their way up. More and more, just click for source women are found in offices, sometimes with the same position as male counterparts, and other times even as bosses.

Education is also not guaranteed for women. Young girls are significantly more likely to drop out of school in order to help their mothers in the household, or to sell peanuts or bananas on the road.

Most street food vendors are women, girls, or young boys. Most businesses that require a level of expertise from their employees, like cellphone service companies or import-export businesses, are run and staffed by men. It is inequitable enough here that I still get visibly excited when I see a woman doing a job that I would typically see a man doing.

Local women are typically fairly docile in public, and take on a domestic role at a young age. It is not uncommon here to see girls of six or seven years old walking down the street carrying babies on their backs. Maternal instincts are tapped early here; gender roles are filled nearly always without question when in public.

How To Date A Cameroonian Man

Women can be real with each other here, but not necessarily real with men. The same seems to be true for Cameroonian women.

How To Date A Cameroonian Man

The exception to this is mosques. My experience with Cameroonian Islam see more been positive. Unfortunately, my status as an American and How To Date A Cameroonian Man that, my skin color automatically marks me as wealthy.

Women tell me that they need work, or click at this page for school fees for their children, while men often suggest that I can help them get a visa or, my least favorite, casually mention the idea of marrying me so that they can come to the States.

An unmarried, foreign woman of twenty-four seems ridiculous to a lot of people. I am regularly told that I should really get married and have a baby, and then leave the baby with my husband and continue working and traveling. During the day, any and all transportation is a safe choice.

Car taxis, moto taxis, buses, and the train link all viable options for women traveling, whether solo or in a group. After dark, however, options become more limited for several reasons. First of all, roads in Cameroon get more dangerous after nightfall due to questionable quality of the roads and oft-encountered reckless driving habits in a country in which traffic laws, if they exist at all, are very rarely enforced.

And third, women moving at night are easier targets, especially for motos or for empty car taxis. Aside from the Extreme North, which is currently forbidden for all foreigners, I can generalize and say that Cameroon is as safe for women during the day as it is for men when exercising, of course, basic common sense.

I still suggest that foreigners try to dress conservatively, because we do automatically draw more attention anyway, but personal judgement can come into play there. However, when you move outside of those cities, you should absolutely stick to the above rules. You can take a little time to observe how the local women are dressed, then react accordingly.

My knees, at least, are always fully covered here, and I actually prefer to cover my legs to the ankles. I am wanting to know is there dual citizenship allowed yet in Cameroon. I met a individual from there and he is wanting to move to Cameroon Yaounde but has no interest in moving to the states. Your email address will not be published. Tips for Women Travelers in Cameroon. More on Dating Locals Much of Cameroon is also quite conservative where relationships are concerned.

More on Types of Men Travelers: More on Women's Rights Professionally, women are able to work their way up. More on Clothing However, when you move outside of those cities, you should How To Date A Cameroonian Man stick to the above rules.

Ultimately, when in doubt, air on the conservative side. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. To receive our best monthly deals.

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