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1. A girl with so much love and would always want to have fun 2. An athletic woman 3. The most beautiful woman in the world. Thinking of names? Complete information on the meaning of Danielle, its origin, history, pronunciation, popularity, variants and more as a baby girl name. Marlene definition, a female given name. See more.

Dream On - Aerosmith Dubstep Reading: Dreamcatcher by Stephen King Intense, firey female Possessing ability to affect person, place, and immediate surrounding environment. Frequently manifesting such conflicting extremes that the outcome is typically one of lucidity or confusion.

The conflict s can occur consecutively, concurrent or separate. Other characteristics of Danielle are; abundance of curly locks of hair red? My hair ain't red. XD Aaaand what the hell is Kaleidoscope eyes mean? I have Hetrochromia, if that means anything.

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What the hell does Tardy mean? Late all the time? In face, I'm usually the first one to arrive.

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Although, DST seems right. I do things on my own time. I do what I want, when I want. Notice I completely skip the song?

What Does The Name Danielle Mean Urban Dictionary

Fearless, strong, and loyal? As for feared, relentless mortal enemy? Why not find out for yourself? Which means no internet.

Again, don't get me wrong. This is because this slang has been used among the young, especially college students, who are always preoccupied with winning their partner and believe that having a partner is by far the most important thing in life. This is about being a pro.

But it's not like I do a ton around here, anyway, so, XD I'll see ya guys around! Omegle, You Are So Funny! A hilarious conversation I had between me and I think this guy is a little psychotic XD You're now chatting with a random stranger.

You and the stranger both like anime. Hey, wasn't I just talking to you? It seemed like funny in my head. I almost wanna just sit here and see what else you come up with. Do I taste good with cranberries? I was hoping so. It's one of my better works. It's second to Forget-Me-Not. Super proud of this one, and you guys should read it. And, that's all I gotta say! Welcome back to deviantART!

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I regret to announce that I won't be coming online to deviantART anymore. I will be losing the internet this Wednesday due to personal reasons. Perhaps on rare occasion, if I go to the library or something, but that will be all.

Of course, this means no more hilarious typos, Durarara!! Some of you have been terrific friends. And I'm really happy to have met some of you. You have all be terrific, and it was awesome to know some of you.

JadeWolfBane, and Poseidon59, and locoexclaimer and everyone. You made my experience on dA simply amazing. Keep doing what you are doing, and keep being so amazing. I know, Ri, that when you get back from your cruise, you would have expected to hear from me soon.

I'm sorry that I have left bef. Before, Yellow was a sign of Kida Masaomi. A color of war and friendship, of sacrifice and save. Yellow meant a lot, but now it will never be the same.

And I'm really happy to have met some of you. Basically anything that's not safe for the kids. I really appreciate your interest in this page.

In the best way possible. Now, Yellow is a color of communication. And, above all, war, friendship, sacrifice, and save. Today, I went to a Church Group. And today, we were playing a game. It had no name, none that I knew of. Me and my best friend, Amu, showed up a bit late. We were given a choice to join any group we wanted to, but not the same one. I went to a pretty Yellow one I think we were Parsanorma or something while Amu went to a light green team Mertaria, or something Naturally, I chose Yellow because of it's strong meaning to me.

We myself and two other girls were given three resources; food, wealth, and environment. We only needed eight, one, and one respectively.

I recently got a boost of inspiration from my all too amazing best friend, Amu-chan! I need to focus on one thing They are all mostly Durarara!! It's a hunt to the last one standing. But What Does The Name Danielle Mean Urban Dictionary the last one standing be him What's worse is that they each have something to do with it in their own way.

What Does The Name Danielle Mean Urban Dictionary

Blood Of The Innocents. This is all related to my stories. You don't have to read. Forest Hunter's Apprentice Personality: Bow and Arrow Hair Color: Green Walker Hunt Age: He is very rebellious. Check this out he was five, his father died and his mother remarried.

He never listens to authority and loves to destroy things. Walker is a pyromaniac. He loves to burn things and watch general fires. On the court, he is nicknamed "Wyld Fyre". His specialty is spiking, and his signature move is "Fyreball". I went to Chapters today, searching for the second volume of Durarara!!. I did find it, yes, but that's not the point.

It's all romance and fantasy! Don't get me wrong; romance and fantasy is just fine, but if that's all that available I wanted something with action. And what do I get? Angels who fall in love with mortals, vampires that sparkle, and, above all, girls who can't fucking admit they What Does The Name Danielle Mean Urban Dictionary in love.

Again, don't get me wrong. These are great books I've never read them but I always believed romance should be an element, not a plot line. The book I want to read currently seem. Q and A Got questions?

Ask anything within reason and I shall answer them with a voice recording. That's what Ri BloodyRiP is doing, so why not me? Video link will be posted. More from DeviantArt Commissions! Added pagedolls, will be a bit pricey! Basically anything that's not safe for the kids. I have the right to cancel your order if you keep asking me when it'll finish.