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I had no idea that so many husbands would find having their wives date such a turn on. I admit I found myself I can't even describe the feeling of having your husband watching you get ready for a date with another man. I felt so Needless to say, I finally understand how sharing your wife can really improve your sex life. I thought everything was pretty much OK in my marriage until a few weeks ago when my wife went to an academic conference abroad. .. She seems to be trying to justify and convince others that 'dating' or whatever she has done and wants to do doing with another man ALONE is OK and normal when it is clearly NOT. There is nothing friendly about this dinner, or at least not on the level you're hoping for. She is going to cheat if she hasn't already. If you knew were the restaurant was i would find a sitter and show up. She is going to freak when she finds out you have been on her facebook but the reality is this is not a.

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Registered in England October in Sex and relationships. Hi, I've been married for 7 years and we have 2 young children. I thought everything was pretty much OK in my marriage until a few weeks ago when my wife went to an academic conference abroad. There she met a married man and spent all afternoon in his company on a trip organised by the conference. He then asked her out to dinner that evening, and she accepted.

When my wife told me this I told her I didn't think it was a good idea for her to go out to dinner with someone she Wife Went On A Date With Another Guy only just met, and that she would be sending out the wrong signals. In the end she rather reluctantly agreed not to go, and as far as I know this is what happened. After my wife came back from the conference I thought the issue was settled, but she has since been in fairly frequent email contact with the man. We have had a big discussion no, not a row about this whole issue, and my wife says that she should be able to go out to dinner, the cinema, theatre, etc, with any man she likes, and that I should just trust her that things won't go any further.

She also said that trust should be the basis of our relationship and if it wasn't there she didn't see much point in continuing it.

I believe that my wife has no intention of being unfaithful, but my view is that this is the case with most people who end up having affairs, but that initial interest can lead to attraction, and once the chemistry between two people is there barriers can quickly get swept away.

Whereas my Wife Went On A Date With Another Guy sees the issue in terms of trust, I see it in terms of probabilities - if you go out for "dates" with other people sooner or later you will find someone who will become your lover. I am quite a traditional guy. So my concern is that maybe I am making too big a deal of this, and that perhaps I shouldn't care if my wife goes out with other men.

Wife Went On A Date With Another Guy

That's why I have come to this forum in the hope that other people can give me their perspective on this. This would be very useful to me, because, quite honestly, my wife's views are giving me a lot of heartache.

Should my wife go out with other men? —

And the answer is Relationships are grounded on trust the wifes side therefore if you don't trust me what's the point? Unfortunately your even more right, anybody, even the most trustworthy person on the planet can, in the right or should that be wrong? It happens all the time, I've seen it over and over, at first they are just friends, then they are close friends not even realising what's happening next read more it's an affair which has come about by accident.

But I'm afraid it's one of those things where you just have to believe her, tell her your not happy about it but basically by stopping her you'll be driving her away. Hopefully she'll see sense before anything untoward happens.


I wonder how she'd feel if you took another woman out for dinner? She'd probably say she wasn't bothered Know any woman you'd like to take out? Try putting the shoe on the other foot for a night, see how she really feels. I think she is being totally unreasonable.

I have been married 17 yrs, have had serious ups n downs, but have learnt from them and am still married through all that. I know I'm a pretty attractive woman. Do you take the time to do little things for her on a regular basis?

I would understand if she had a male here who she had known for a long time and it was totally platonic but to want to go out to dinner with a man she barely knows is not right at all.

It clearly shows she is attracted to this man, otherwise why would she risk upsetting you, her husband, by going out with this man? She talks about trust but she is giving you every reason not to trust her and is being totally selfish expecting you to. I would never do this to my partner, nor would he do that to me because we respect eachothers feelings.

Trust is an important base of any relationship but so is mutual respect. Ask her what means more to her, your marriage and children, or going on a dinner date with a practical stranger? Notadoctor Thanks for your response.

I have Wife Went On A Date With Another Guy the "how would you like it if I took a pretty girl out to dinner? Quite honestly, I am not inclined to do this. I see the sense in not driving her away by being too heavyhanded. Learn more here it is very difficult to live with the constant stress and worry that she might strike up a "friendly" relationship with a man at pretty much any time.

As you say, such relationships can develop into an affair almost without either party intending it. I feel quite powerless - my life could blow up in my face at any time. Do you think it might be worthwhile showing my wife these posts? Maybe it would help her see that it's not just me who sees things differently from her. Lisa86 Thanks for your response. What you say is pretty much in line with my thinking, but I don't want to be too confrontational, as this could lead to a slippery slope towards the break up of my marriage which I certainly don't want.

My wife is convinced that she is in the right. She thinks that the fact that I am unhappy about the situation shows that I don't trust her and that it's my job to fix that. She does not accept that she has done anything to lose my trust. Technically, she has not done anything to yet to lose your trust but the fact that she is thinking about doing this and knowing this will upset you so much is reason for you to doubt her.

I think you need to look at the point that if she does this, will this be the slippery slope toward the end of your marriage?

The (5) Major Signs She is Seeing Another Man

I dont think this is about trust, its about respect and she is not respecting your feelings by going ahead with it. She's not respecting herself by going out with some stranger either. It isnt just about cheating and affairs, what if this man is a psycho and somethin happens to her? Is she prepared to leave you and your children behind for the sake of having dinner with another man?

I think she is being very selfish by trying to blame you for being unhappy about the situation when you have every right as her husband to not want another man to wine and dine your wife. Have you asked her exactly why she feels the need to do this? If its about her having some time for herself, why doesnt she go out with her girlfriends for a meal?

At the end of the day can you really see yourself sitting happily at home looking after the children knowing she is out somewhere with a stranger? I think I know the answer to that. I click at this page think that anyone would be completely happy with their partner going on 'dates' with the opposite sex, alone, especially someone u've only just met.

So i feel that there must be some attraction there for your wife. Personally, i think for someone to go out and have an affair Wife Went On A Date With Another Guy must be unhappy with their current relationship in some way, u don't do it on a whim, u see attractive men every day but u don't go out to have an affair with them.

I too think that u need to tell u're wife exactly how u feel, u feel threatened because u love her, and she will be disrespecting your feelings if she goes ahead.

I think she's using the 'trust' angle Wife Went On A Date With Another Guy u so she can get to do what she wants without feeling guilty. I am married to a wonderful man n I have lots of male friends but out of respect n loyalty to my husband would I ever go on a dinner date with one of them, it's opening one up to a dangerous liason if you like.

I think she is been unreasonable by not seeing your side of things n not respecting you as her husband. I think you should go out with a female friend, even for a drink just to show her how it would feel. You could try showing her these posts I suppose, I actually replied because I had exactly the same 'problem' with my wife and, know exactly how you feel. It's like your here a losing argument isn't it?

Her saying and believing that she's trustworthy and how could you suggest that she might be lead astray. But it happens all the time, my wife made a male friend on the internet, a harmless platonic friendship. She met him a few times as 'friends' and I hated it, and told her so. She made me feel like there was something wrong, me not trusting her, it was like I was the one in the wrong.

Then one day she left her mobile phone at home, I picked it up and looked at her messages. He slavering all over her, saying how he loved her and clearly there was nothing platonic in his intentions. I told her I knew talking to men on the internet would lead to trouble, and it did. Meeting men in real life is no different if not worse. It's got nothing to do with trust, it's about human nature.

Stick a man and a woman on a desert island and eventually they'll have sex. Is she prepared to leave you and your children behind for the sake of having dinner with another man? On to the next one.

Stick a man and a woman on a desert island and eventually they'll have sex. It's what we do. Your wife is being naive, she can and will lead your marriage into trouble if she 'dates' other just click for source. Mine did, luckily it all worked out in the end, but it could've easily gone horribly wrong.

Lisa86 Thanks for your follow-up posting. I'm also worried about psychos and the possibility of date rape. I think you are right that I have to let my wife know I am unhappy and say precisely why.

But I don't want to come over as being too miserable as this could be off-putting. So I think I need to pick my time carefully to bring this up again, but otherwise be as upbeat as possible with her.

BrunetteGirl Thanks for your response. I don't really know why my wife feels the need to go out with other men, but it makes me feel I am inadequate in some way. Maybe this is a symptom of something wrong in our relationship, as you suggest, but I don't know what. When not at work we focus a lot of our attention on our children, so perhaps we need to have more time for each other?

Personally I would say she is bang out of order! I personally do not agree with strong friendships with other people of the opposite sex if your married or in a relationship, but thats just me. I would never go out for a meal etc with another man and would not want my partner to either! Friendships however platonic can lead to affairs of the mind, and the closeness between the two can lead to more.

Wife Went On A Date With Another Guy