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Talk of the Town Celebrities: Jennifer and Caroline Talk About Being On 'Amazing Race'

Exclusive: Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia talk 'The Amazing Race' (Part 2)

5 May You could try to argue that brothers Anthony and Bates Battaglia made it look easy, bagging that $1 million prize in the Sunday night season finale of “The Amazing Country singers Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle compared themselves to the little engine that could, putting faith in their positivity. Are bates and anthony dating the country singers. Relation country er: we went to watch anthony play in a hockey game in huntsville, and the owner came over to us and said we should come every time because that was the best game he'd ever had. Bates & anthony · caroline & jennifer · chuck & wynona · dave & connor . Jonathan "Bates" Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia are a team of Hockey Brothers and the Official Name: Bates Battaglia; Age: 36; Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.; Connection to your teammate: Brother; Current occupation: Former Professional Hockey Player What country and place would you most like to visit and why?.

May 06, 5: The hockey-playing brothers,who hail from Raleigh, N. In a lively interview Monday -- where only about half their answers were serious -- the two jokesters talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what the plan to do with the money and what's next for the duo.

You clearly were the frontrunners in the final leg, but did it seem that way to you as you were in the middle of it? It always felt like [the other teams] were right on our heels. We were so scared [another team] was going to catch up.

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It didn't feel like we were ahead of everybody. Early on, as soon as we started, I thought, "Man, we have a good chance at winning this thing. About halfway through, we were like, this is pretty tough. How did the experience compare to anything you've done in the hockey rink? How does the win rank among your sports accomplishments?

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It's a lot tougher than it looks. I played in the finals, but that something where you know what you're up against. But in the race, you have no idea what's coming up.

Those teeth made it all the way around the world. I got new ones, a new flipper, and I look even more amazing than usual. You had a close alliance with [fourth-place finishers] Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle. Are you still in touch with them? We're still friends with Caroline and Jen Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers they're our "race girlfriends. They just wouldn't give it up, you know? We needed a little more than a kiss on the cheek. The unpredictability of the show.

You don't know what's coming up next. As hockey players, you know what's coming up -- there are set practices, meals and everything. But [on the race], you never knew what was coming up next. That's ever been on the show. We should have our own show: This has been a pretty entertaining interview. Have you seriously thought about pitching the idea for another show?

I think [ Amazing Race executive producer] Jerry Bruckheimer is going to pick it up: Read on to see what the rest of the final four teams had to say about their time on The Amazing Race. Newlyweds Max and Katie Bichler, second place.

Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers

Second place isn't too shabby, but it's obviously not where you hoped to finish. How were you feeling once you'd learned that you'd were the runners-up?

No, it was an incredible experience. We're truly blessed to have been able to do it. We were able to make it around the world, and it was an amazing experience, but the taste in our mouths at the end of [watching] the episode last night, it was still salty, because you hope you win. Couples have a reputation for coming in second place, and we were really hoping to break that. Max, you had some trouble with the briefcase challenge in the final leg. Is that what ultimately tripped you up?

There was no tripping; it was all chance and luck -- that was it. Everything else we did the rest of the day, we did relatively well and relatively fast. Nothing else mattered the rest of the day because being behind [at the point] where we were behind, that was it. It Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers percent that briefcase thing.

You sort of emerged as frontrunners midway during the race. Were you aware of that while competing? No, it didn't feel like that until we got to Europe. We went in thinking we were a good team and we'd be strong and were expecting to do very well, but it was really humbling to do so poorly in the beginning of the race. We didn't feel like frontrunners once the race started. But once we got to Europe, we started to turn it around. I think in the beginning, we were kind of just racing out of Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers and running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

What happened was we slowed down and figured out how to race. We realized that when we stopped to ask read article directions, it was OK to wait five or 10 minutes for correct directions instead of Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers for them out the window. Katie, you have a doctorate but made it a point not to share that with the other teams in the hopes they'd underestimate you.

I think without even telling them anything, because we were doing so poorly in the beginning, we were horrible, they did underestimate us. In the end, it helped. No one wanted to U-turn us. There was no need to. Once we figured out how to do the race, we did it well. It was the most public honeymoon there's ever been.

Battaglia re-signed as a free agent with the Leafs to a two-year contract on July 2, We would definitely follow him again. And sometimes when there's a pack of you, you don't necessarily want to go out on your own when you don't really know where you're going.

We pretty much invited everybody in the country to race around the world with us and come into our bedroom. And I think we covered more miles than Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers people do in a shorter time.

It was truly a gift to be able to do it and race around the world like we did. We're really grateful to the people of Amazing Race and CBS for putting us in a position to take the race around the world.

No, we haven't done so but we plan on it. We won a trip to [the Dominican Republic] on the last episode, and we loved Bora Bora, so we're also considering going back there. We're definitely going to take a honeymoon; we'll probably go back for our one-year anniversary. Roller-derby moms Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere, third place.

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We were proud of ourselves for doing the whole race. It's a pretty big accomplishment to make it on the show and from start to finish to do the entire race.

We can't ask for anything else. The experience was priceless. You were the only members of your alliance to make it to final four.

I cramped up when I was swimming. First, there was a trick: I made it times more difficult than it had to be. So happy for the Roller Moms.

Do you think that may have hurt you? It was lonely, knowing it was us against them. I don't think it hurt us. At that point, it's anyone's race. No one is really helping anyone out. You struggled in Ireland with the Titanic-inspired five-course meal. How frustrating was that? The challenge was difficult.

The Titanic dock was so huge, and the trays were really heavy once they were loaded with plates of food. If I had actually seen the menu, it would have been a lot simpler. I made it times more difficult than it had to be. Was there anything you can point to in the final leg that may have cost you the win? I know we confused the cab driver when I said, Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers House. We told each other to do it, but when you're racing you have tunnel vision, you're so tired -- but I wish we'd slowed down a little bit and paid better attention to the surroundings.

That's pretty much what did us in -- the lack of attention to detail at times. We were going for 30 days with no sleep and little food and uncomfortable situations and high stress. The mental aspect was a little harder than we anticipated. If they gave us a physical challenge, we pretty much bust right through. But if it called for brain power, we had little hiccups every now and then.

Last night, my year-old sent a text to me, "I'm so proud," and to hear that from a teenager -- I think our kids are seeing us in a different light.

We're more than just moms. They see us playing roller derby but to watch us go through what we did -- we ran more info integrity, we didn't trash-talk -- we knew our kids would be watching us and wanted to set an example. Country singers Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle, fourth place.

We were so proud of ourselves.

Bates And Anthony Dating Country Singers

At first we wanted to win, but when we look back at every single country we visited, we had fun the whole time, and we were good to each other the whole time. We were supportive of each other.