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The Next Guy: Did your Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Wife Downgrade?

5 Feb I've been yelled at, received unsolicited phone calls to tell me what a loser I have married, been blamed for things I've never heard of, and called a horrible human being. For the longest time she only referred to me as the "chick around your dick. " The ex-wife threatened to keep my husband and his son. 2 Apr I have no problem with her dating. I want her to be with a great guy. Why would I want a loser around my kids? I just think it's too soon to introduce another man into their lives. I don't think they've even adjusted to the fact that their parents are divorced. I can't even wrap my brain around her thinking or her. 6 Feb She used to tell me I was a stupid, pathetic loser, but Mr. Wonderful doesn't even have a college degree. If your ex-Crazy has paired up with Downgrade Boyfriend she is dating or married to the proverbial “bird of a feather.” If she wants to be with him, then I must be the loser she always said I was.

As you float down the isle on your wedding day you smile radiantly at your knight in shining armor. You feel glorious and that absolutely nothing can ruin this moment. As you look lovingly at your groom, you remember the 55 text messages his ex-wife sent that morning outlining exactly how more info was going to make his life and therefore your life a living hell if he had the audacity to marry you.

Never mind that their divorce was 10 years ago. You quickly glance around the church to make source his ex-wife isn't camped out behind the nearest flower arrangement with a bazooka pointed at your head.

Then you wonder if you really can survive that much drama. With a little effort and some strong boundaries you can. Being married to a man with a high-conflict ex-wife is not for the faint of heart.

I know because I am married to a man who's ex-wife is bat shit crazy. I Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser him years after his divorce and could not fathom that there was still this much animosity and abuse from his ex. I have dealt with everything from the ex trying to punch my husband at an exchange to her beating on my door at 6 am to see if my husband was at home.

He was by the way. I've been yelled at, received unsolicited phone calls to tell me what a loser I have married, been blamed for things I've never heard of, and called a horrible human being. For the longest time she only referred to me as the "chick around your dick.

Dealing With a High Conflict Ex-Wife in 5 Easy Steps: A Guide for Stepmoms

Odd, since I think all I've ever said to her is "Hello. If yes, keep reading to learn how to minimize the stress caused by a high-conflict ex-wife, maximize your own sanity, and keep your focus where it should be; on your marriage and your children. If your husband frequently receives 10 to 15 ranting and abusive emails manifestos from the ex-wife in a 24 hour period, this is not normal.

If the ex-wife has ever texted your husband to the point that his phone battery dies, this is not normal. If you have link accompanied your husband Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser he exchanges the children, and the ex-wife starts beating on his car. Yep, you guessed it. The first step is to recognize who and what you are dealing with. Any time two people with children get divorced there are going to be some squabbles over the years.

Minor, and even a few major, disagreements are completely normal. Do not expect your husband and his ex to co-parent in perfect harmony all the time.

Do, however, expect that there will be no cussing, name calling, threats, withholding the children, or banging on your door at 6 am for no apparent reason. If any of the latter are occurring in your life, keep reading. High conflict ex-wives intrude into every last fiber of your being and into every last corner of your home. If you have a high-conflict ex-wife in your life, then you are all too familiar with that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when your husband lets you know she is at it again.

If you let it, the drama will consume you and bury you in a big pile of steaming high-conflict poo. Tell your husband the constant drama stresses you out and tell him you need it to end. Some men take an exceptionally long time to understand the havoc an ex-wife is wreaking on the current marriage.

Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser

I don't care if you have to use smoke signals, get your husband to understand what the drama is doing to your well-being, to his well-being and to the marriage. Most importantly, get your husband to understand the negative effects the drama is having on the children. Children are very aware, even from a young age, when Mom and Dad do not get along. If your husband is a sane one, its up to him to end the drama for his children.

He has to stop waiting on the learn more here party to calm down and he must take action now. We are out there! I had no idea that there were so many other women who were in exactly the same position: If you have attempted to vent or sob about the crazy in your life, and the other person has backed away from you slowly, then you are talking to the wrong people.

Adults who have not been stepparents or who do Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser deal with a high-conflict ex will not understand what you are going through lucky ducks!

My Ex Is Dating Someone Else What Should I Do?

Spend some time searching for online support forums. Try out a few until you find a group of like-minded women who are a good fit for you. After spending a year lurking online, I started reaching go here to some of the women I had met and now they are real friends. These women are my saviors!

When the ex decided to dance on my front porch at 6: When the ex-wife started mailing packages the week after my wedding of her on her wedding day to my husband and her wearing I cannot over emphasize the importance of finding some stepmom friends who really get it and get you.

The cycle-o-drama will continue Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser long as you and your husband let it continue. It took my husband and me almost 4 years to figure out how to break the cycle and end the drama. Although these measures may seem drastic or difficult they can all be implemented quickly and they are very effective. Remember, link point is not to "win" when it comes to the ex, the point is to minimize the conflict so the children are not exposed to the fighting.

A word of warning: There will be an extinction burst.

Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser

The high-conflict ex will use any means necessary to engage and continue the conflict. She will call, text, email, and likely call your husband every name under the sun plus a few made up names. I can hear the outcries now: If we do not switch weekends they will miss a birthday party or a family reunion!

We have to be the bigger people and try to work with their mother! If we keep trying, she will be reasonable. Being reasonable sometimes isn't good enough. Sometimes you have to accept no matter what you do his ex-wife will hate you. I do not advocate following these steps because I think they will work I suggest click because I know they will work.

My husband and I are living proof! Now that we have minimized the intrusion of the high-conflict ex-wife in our life my husband and I can have normal married people squabbles over things like who left the milk on the counter or why the toilet seat is up.

We also see a world of difference in the children which was the goal of eliminating the crazy in the first place. There is now a holiday guide for stepmoms!

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I have been divorced now for 10 years. Since my kids were 2, I have basically always had a really bad relationship with my ex wife.

Mostly over kids and my new fiance. My ex wife hates my fiance with her guts and has for the last 8 years. Has gotten so much negativity into kids head about my new fiance it's ridiculous. From " fiance isn't there mother " she can't tell kids anything, or discipline them. Unless it's convenient for my ex wife. She always threatens me to go back to court for custody. I'm so sick of it. Can't deal with Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser anymore. Basically Read article know I'm a good father but the thought of going to court and possibly losing time with my kids literally scares the hell out of me.

The Next Guy: Did your Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Wife Downgrade?

Ex wife is an abusice narc. In every way imaginable, including physical, environmental, emotional etc. Anyone reading can probably relate. She needs to control every single aspect of daughter's life and used to be the same with mine until I escaped. Daughter is 13 and swims competitively I hate the culture surrounding this sport.

I think it can be very damaging for kids unless the parents can check themselves. Ex wife is about as bad as you can get.

Women come in a few basic configurations: Some women like losers because they like to be in control. He of course needs me. I am engaged to a wonderful man who has an "animal" for an ex wife.

Conditional love, emotionally abusive punishment for not making PR times etc. She's thrown her towel on the floor and made her pick it up and told her she deserves it because she is wasting her time etc. It's ruined swimming for daughter. Anyway, daughter and I have both made strides since the divorce.

I'm really proud of her and the more-free person she is becoming. She's finally starting to feel safe around me and is starting to realize that mom is not God incarnate. She's starting to explore other interests etc. She refuses to go to practices. I really try my best to encourage her to stick with it, but the truth is the more free she becomes when she's with me the less she wants to swim.

I truly think it's her way of testing to see if it's safe to be honest with a parent Ex Wife Is Dating A Loser how she feels about swimming. She wouldn't dare defy her mother, and for two years was afraid to defy her by proxy when she was with me.

Fear is a powerful motivator, it takes quite a bit to step out of the situation and look at it from another perspective. I did not do anything wrong but love a man who did not love me enouugh in return. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. We aren't married yet because we've gone through hell thebmost expensive custody court hell possible and basically are back to saving up plus I didn't want to do it in this hell.