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Hit the Spot

11 Jul How to Hit the G Spot - an Instructional Guide to hitting her G-spot Visit http://www Tons of guys think they know what they're doing in the bedroom, only to have their woman fake it again. Here's how to hit the g-spot and please her. Looking to improve your sexual prowess and get her to orgasm? Just want to know how to hit the Gspot? Learn how to be a modern day casanova.

If this sounds like you, have no fear. How to tingle her g-spot without using a flashlight ]. Instead, it takes some effort and a dedicated man in order to make their woman feel amazing. This is a given read more you want to learn how to hit the g-spot.

AKA, if you go in her, it will be on the front side of the wall just a few inches in. So yes, you should be able to hit it. Make it a foreplay moment, and use that time to consciously locate it without her knowing. Keep in mind that every girl is different, so you may have to work a little before hitting it. How to finger a girl — Fingering techniques to make her orgasm ].

Do link exercises during your downtime while stuck in traffic, in the shower, or sitting at your desk at work. Once he's hit the spot, ask him to massage it in slow, gentle circles. Now the man kneels between his partner's legs and leans forwards with his arms on either side of her.

Just play around with her. Spend some extra time on foreplay, and really get to know what she likes and dislikes. Communication is really, really important.

Continue to experiment on your own with different speeds and pressures. This combines G-spot stimulation while you or your guy plays with your clitoris, working up to a double-your-pleasure orgasm. Once located there are source few different ways to stimulate the G spot to make her come. When you're facing your guy yet leaning back at a slight angle, his penis naturally rests against your upper vaginal wall, and even the slightest thrusting means he can easily stimulate your G. Avoid dodecahedrons — you don't want to put your back out.

You have to talk to your girl about what she likes or what you need to improve on. Female confessions — The feeling of oral sex for women ]. So, if you want to hit it and make sure it has the most effect, you have to get her going first.

The Cosmo G Spot Finder - G Spot Techniques and Positions

Foreplay is obviously the best way to do this. It also gives her the ability to move her hips any which direction to help you hit the right spot. Hot sex from behind — 16 mind-blowing ways to do it right ].

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Missionary is also a great way to hit the g-spot, but it has to be modified a little bit in order to really have the most effect. This also relaxes her and allows her to finish much easier. How to eat a girl out — 15 secrets to make her scream in bed ].

How To Hit A Girls G Spot

Meaning you have to hit it over and over and over again until she gets there. This can be difficult, because many guys think that variety is key. And while changing speeds can help get her to a place to finish, the speed and motion has to be pretty constant to get the job done. This is a must for knowing how to hit the g-spot. Overall, it takes a lot of trial and error to find out what will make your woman feel the best. Try different positions, talk to her and see what she likes best.

And then throw in a few new things here and there to see if she likes them better. Sex God secrets — How to make a girl cum every single time ].

However, these tips can help you find it in order to make her feel amazing every time. Liked what you just read? Your email address will not be published. Share Tweet Pin It. How to finger a girl — Fingering techniques to make her orgasm ] 3 Get familiar with your girl.

How to Hit the G-Spot and Make Her Squirm with Pleasure

Hot sex from behind — 16 mind-blowing ways to do it right ] 8 Put a pillow under her butt in missionary. How to eat a girl out — 15 secrets to make her scream in bed ] 9 Repetitive motion is best.

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How To Hit A Girls G Spot

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