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Crazy Vince McMahon Stories self. I thought it read article be fun for us to compile a list of crazy Vince stories. I am going to list the ones I've heard, then put the source in parenthesis. I Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Indonesia have some details wrong but I tried to be as accurate as possible.

When someone sneezes, he yells at them and tells them to control themselves. On the rare occasion Vince sneezes, he angrily mutters to himself and loses focus for a few minutes Paul Heyman, on Jericho's podcast.

Vince boxed in Court so that Court was heading straight for road construction. Court had to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. Vince sped off, having "won" the race by almost killing a dude. Court Bauer, on Observer Radio. I can't remember who the guy in question was, but I love this story so I'll repeat it anyway:.

Vince went bowling with someone, might have been an NBC exec. The guy had done something Vince didn't like. Obviously since they were bowling, they were wearing bowling shoes. Vince sneaked off, got the guy's real shoes from behind the counter, tossed the shoes in the garbage and left.

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The guy had no idea where his shoes were and had to go home wearing the gross bowling shoes. Vince contacted him later and said "That's what you get, pal!

The guy wrote a book and said that Vince was the biggest jerk he'd ever met in real life. I can't remember the exact source, Meltzer talked about it on a podcast.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Indonesia

The guy in question might have been a friend of Dick Ebersol. Vince, as a prank, had real police "arrest" Jonathan Coachman for running a betting pool at work. Coach said when the cop car finally turned around and brought him back to WWE HQ, he openly wept in relief and rage.

Vince got wasted at a strip club and let the hart foundation hit their finisher on him, and they hit him really hard. Bret Hart, from his book. Vince said something insulting to Kofi on a plane, and Kofi didn't do anything. As they were getting off the plane, Jericho told Kofi that if he didn't confront and fight Vince immediately, Kofi's career was effectively over in Vince's mind. This was how Vince tested his talent or something. So Kofi got in Vince's face and they actually got in a fight on the plane.

Kofi still hasn't gotten much of a push. Apparently Vince invited Mark Henry to a workout session. Bear in mind that Mark Henry's claim as world's strongest man is based on the fact he is the only man to have competed at top level Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting and Strongman competitions which though they may seem the same are quite different.

Vince tried just click for source out rep him on every exercise. Henry went along with it because he's naturally competitive and even admitted that Vince tested him a little bit.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Indonesia

He actually still holds some of the National records I think. Big E can powerlift almost as much as him, too!

Vince told a story in mens health or some other magazine that goes the other way. Vince said mark came in all excited to lift and vince kept doing paperwork in the locker room for like an hour. Then vince came out click outlifted mark.

Just listened to it again. Mark says that he actually quit read article Vince did. Apparently they were doing reps of everything. Vince be crazy but he must be in insane shape. That's why he likes the big guys. He is a powerlifter he is setting personal records at Even if I was pretty damn muscular I'd know better than to get into a competition with anyone whose had Olympic training in that competition.

That's a whole other level. Vince was hesitant to hire Gail Kim due to her being Asian. Jim Ross convinced him not only because of her in ring talent, but the fact that many men are attracted to Asian woman and that there are even lots of Asian porn sites on the internet. This apparently shocked the hell out of Vince, who had no idea Asian porn sites existed. What I Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Indonesia about that story is that he supposedly took forever to let it go.

Like he just couldn't believe that people were into Asian girls. I think that's my favorite because it's the most Poe's Law out of all of them. It is impossible to cartoonishly exaggerate Vince McMahon because he has already reached that point on his own. And yet he somehow believed people would buy into "sports entertainment" body building. And then Http:// would proceed to jerk off.

So every week, are the same bodybuilders Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Indonesia gonna come out and pose? And occasionally they hire new bodybuilders and they pose? And there's a championship for whoever has the best body? For years I wondered why Gail got such a relatively strong push upon her debut. After hearing that story I like to believe that was his reaction to finding the sites. That's why they only have one Asian woman at a time, so Vince doesn't have to mark their hands to tell them apart.

Always enjoyed the one about the McMahon's playing click to see more at their holiday home in Boca. It was supposed to be a fun family game and Vince turned it into a serious competition.

When you cheat, go for it. Todas as transtornos curado publicadas consecutivamente. Thanks designed for sharing such a pleasant thought, post is good, thats why i hae read it completely. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. And he actually bought me dinner because I stumbled upon it for him… lol.

HHH and Steph kept getting lucky and were winning. Vince was getting mad at Linda because she was making their side lose. Eventually Stephanie ended up potting for the win and he cracked up and stalked off. Then later that night she called him through the intercom and sang 'You're tied to the whipping post, dad' to piss him off and from their bedroom, Steph and HHH could hear him literally screaming in anger on the other side of the house.

Moral of the story, everything is a competition to Vince and he doesn't like to lose lol Leave the Matt Morgan nightlight on. Honestly these tendencies seem so psychopathic to all of us well, it isbut this insanely competitive nature where the man despise losing more than article source else in the world, is probably why Vince is so successful.

He was already getting hip surgery, I think the story was: Thanks for the post. Click on a hashtag to see the post s. Among other things, visitors will discover a day by day dose of articles with the most recent poker information, reside reporting from tournaments, unique videos, podcasts and a lot more.

That is definitely true. The other side of that same coin, though, is that it's why Vince only does what Vince wants. He wants to prove, regardless of anything, that his way here his ideas are the proper way. Vince having final say, vince "picking" a guy. All of that comes back to these same tendencies.

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Isn't Michael Jordan a psycho baby when it comes to stuff like this as well? Like if you beat him in ping pong, your friendship ends? Tiger Ali Singh complained to Vince about making him wear a turban and traditional indian garb, telling him it was offensive to his people and a desecration. I've actually been listening to his stories on youtube.

Patrice is incredible and the segments are hysterical. That was at a very young age. I remembered, probably in the first grade, being invited to a matinee film with Being Empath A Relationship stepbrother and his girlfriends, and I remember them playing with me.

Playing with my penis, and giggling. I thought that was pretty cool. That was my initiation into sex. At that age you don't necessarily achieve an erection, but it was cool.

At around the same time there was a girl my age who was, in essence, my cousin. Later in life she actually wound up marrying that asshole Leo Lupton, my stepfather!

Boy, this sounds like Tobacco Road. Anyway, I remember the two of us being so curious about each other's bodies but not knowing what the hell to do.

We would go into the woods and get naked together. And for some reason I wanted to put crushed leaves into her. Don't know why, but I remember that. I don't remember the first time I had intercourse, believe it or not.