Is She Dating Me For My Money. Hookup Sex Video!

My Dating For Is Me Money She

Asking Molly for $10,000... (Gold Digger EXPOSED)

The Curse of The Gold Digger - Is She Dating Me For My Money?

Chris, I need your help I'm a successful guy, and I've achieved a lot in my life. I want to find a woman to share it with but I have a problem. You see, every time I meet a woman, I feel like she's only interested in dating me for my money. I don't know if I'm being insecure, or just meeting the wrong women. What can I do to. To make it clear, I've never asked anyone to buy me stuff. I've just been outright given things or bought things. First, I'll explain when I was dating a regular vs SD and then explain how this can make you tell if she's dating you for money. In my SD/SB relationship: It was obviously that I was staying for the money. If the money . 25 Aug She needs to know how much money you make to analyze whether you can keep her happy or not. “I need my space!” are you kidding me · Image source. She hangs on to you for a couple of days, then treats you like just another guy. Is she trying to draw your attention and spice things up or driving you.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. I knew my gf for 9 months. She explained I will be upset seeing her as another guy's partner. Is she loving me or just aim for my money? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. She asked you to pay for her to go on a date with another man and you're wondering what this means??? You are her ATM, sorry. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Kingslayer Send a private message. Good grief--you give her a dollar monthly

Is She Dating Me For My Money

Does she at least do chores around the house to make that sort of payment somewhat justifiable? Yes--she's using you for money while she bangs her dance instructor. The worst part is, if you want to divorce her for cheating on you, you'll be forced to pay at least in alimony because of the precedent you setplus half of all your shit. What the hell does she spend that kind of money on each month?

Edited on March 6, at Hierophant Send a private message. Reminds me of that old saying "A fool and his money are easily separated" unbelievable You give her a month allowance Why would you give a gf an allowance? I am sure she loves your money a lot.

If readers wish to report offensive comments, suggest a correction or share a story then please email: You can use your connections and resources as incentives to get women to date you. Go to the nearest mirror, look in and see the guy standing there.

If she loved you or not I have no idea. HikerVeg Send a private message. You put yourself in this situation of having to wonder if she loves you or your money because you give her money.

Is She After Your Money?

A shocking amount of it. And apparently it's not enough. You also have to buy a plane ticket.

She's after your money. Her willingness to dance with an unscrupulous teacher also proves she has shady judgement. She could have gone and found a teacher who isn't out to bang his students. You have obviously been blessed with financial security.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. They suffer from the curse of the gold digger. I knew my gf for 9 months. Does she at least do chores around the house to make that sort of payment somewhat justifiable?

Mirian Send a private message. Wait a minute, did I read correctly Wow, I guess guys like this still exist.

Ladies he just wants your money

Look, my friend I am 24 years old and married and I have never asked for allowance to either my parents or my husband. I work for my own money and rather than trying to spend my husband is money, I help him save his money, why? My suggestion is stop giving her money and see how long she stays with you after not receiving anymore money.

From a woman's perspective, can you explain to me why a girl already got a bf and still goes to social occasions such as dancing dinner with other guys as partner or meet new guys there? What is on her mind?

Can I be honest with you, she doesn't love you enough. When a women is in love with her men, all she wants to do is spend time with that men and not with another men.

I have many friends but even while dating my husband, I gave most of time to my husband by going out together, introducing him to my friends and family. We went everywhere together including to my work BBQ parties. I was more than happy introducing him to my coworkers etc My advice is be a wise men and don't let a women take you for a fool.

Trust me we women can be very sneaky as well You are her boyfriend right? For example, I remember, a couple of months ago my husband came home saying he wanted to Is She Dating Me For My Money a cup of coffee with a female coworker of his.

I told him that if I am not there with him, he is definitely not going to go meet up his female coworker. I don't care how close they are but there are limits in relationship, specially in a marriage. If she doesn't care about how you feel and the fact that you felt hurt than trust me my friend she doesnt care about you.

If, she really loves you than she would protect your heart and not hurt your heart. I can't tell you what to do in your relationship, but as a women if i was still meeting and hanging out with other guys than that means I want to have fun with other guys as well I wish you the best and be wise. Many thanks for your kind advice. Yesterday, she advised me that our relationship will end April during which she will fly back to London.

But one thing I hurt so much is she write the following to me. She is pissed off the dance instructor not buying her ticket "If he the dance instructorthen may be I would feel guilty and bad. But since the card is on the table that he asked me for the money, so I can be just purely business like with him, Platonic" "Not have to be with him the dance instructor. I can piss him off and talk to other guys. I am sure there would be other guys pay me attention there" "I could easily flirt and reciprocate other guys' attention" Do you think she is very disrespectful of me Is She Dating Me For My Money saying to me that she will flirt with other guys not just the dance instructor in the dinner?

Why she pissed off the dance instructor does not buy her the ticket if she claims she is not fancying him? She sounds like she taking advantage of you. It is seldom a good idea to give someone so much without receiving equivalent value in return. Your relationship sounds unbalanced; she will take take take and have no respect.

I would launch her. Can anyone click at this page to me why my gf is upset just another guy did not buy her a ticket?

I also found from her cell that she did send some of her travel photos to this dance instructor. Can anyone explain to me why a woman will send her photos to another guy? My Is She Dating Me For My Money keeps on saying that she does not fancy this guy.

If so, why she keeps on sending her photos to another guy? I feel very sad continue reading hurt. Erick Send a private message. George Send a private message. Ditch the bitch after you look in your pants and find your balls. The nerve of some women Dookie Send a private message. I honestly think you aren't paying her enough.

Do you think she loves me or for my money?

Someone of her caliber I would say would need a bare minimum of a ten thousand dollar amount to function normally. She probably doesn't love because you aren't meeting that threshold. Money is happiness and happiness is a successful and fulfilling life afterall. Letter wrote to my gf from the original poster To Jxxx, I think it is justified to pay the ticket from the I paid you each month.

Is She Dating Me For My Money

Hence, I advised you that you should go. Hope you understand it is not about this Hope you can see from the angle of me.

My apology if this causes you hard feelings. She received the letter but not yet respond. Is this letter too harsh? Go to the nearest mirror, look in and see the guy standing there.

Ask him if he thinks this woman loves him or just wants his money. He knows the truth, he doesn't want to admit it click at this page you because he knows you would rather buy love than have no love at all. But the mirror is honest. It will tell you that if you stop the monthly allowance, she will stop loving you. The real question is how much do you want to spend on something that costs nothing, pays back more than it costs and never asks you to stay home, especially so she can "dance" with another.

Be honest with yourself. After knowing your gf for only 9 months -- and who knows how long you tow have been dating -- what made you decide to support her If anything, I would follow the example of my mother, that is "you've got your allowance, that plane ticket is one of the many things you should use it for. Ask a New Question expand.