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Long distance relationship for cap man | Capricorn forum: i am scorpio who is involving with a cap man now we met each other and falling into each other we had our happy time together not psychical and he kin read more at the dxpnet. com message boards. Create a free account and join the conversation today. 6 Dec male capricorn long distance relationship, female capricorn long distance relationship, capricorn Long Distance Relationship, capricorn Long Distance Relationships, Long distance relationship with a capricorn, long distance relationship with capricorn, capricorn man long distance relationship, capricorn. 7 Sep Every now and then, often once a day, in the search criteria which led someone to my blog, I find a Capricorn related problem. As in. 'capricorn seem cold' 'do capricorns mean it when they say i love you' 'capricorn man silent treatment' 'why do capricorn men give the silent treatment' -.

Every now and then, often once a day, in the search criteria which led someone to my blog, I find a Capricorn related problem. Capricorns like to give credit where credit is due. One of the things I like about astrology is that it blends black and white, negative and positive, right and wrong, and so on, it shows two sides, Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance extremes, and then shows all the stuff which lies in between the two.

The sweet spot between extremes can be found, even if just for a moment. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, knows how to play with time and stretch moments. Read more has a positive side as well as its more well known negative side. The task master, the disciplinarian… has a soft underbelly.

We learn from our own stupidity and try not to make the same mistake twice.

And the only way they can deal with your emotional overload is by distancing themselves from you, as a means of self-preservation. You want them to be who they are not… and because they refuse to be who you want them to be, you have an emotional tantrum, and then accuse them of being cold, a sociopath, giving you the silent treatment.

It is more than a one-way flow of feeling. If you Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance, then use all of it, not just the part which suits your intentions, motivations, and goal.

An astrology chart is a representation of a whole with many slices.

Dating a Capricorn Man - When you Fall in Love with a Capricornian Guy

The Sun sign is a small slice of a whole cake. I am a Capricorn Sun.

5 Things GIRLS DON'T KNOW About Long Distance Relationships

Uranus in Libra in the 1st house, conjunct Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house, which loosely conjuncts Pluto, and trines Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th house, which squares Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd house which… and so on. So, next time you think the problem is the Capricorn… maybe it is just how your sign interacts with their sign.

Our relationship with ourselves is complicated, so why would we click here it to be simple where others are concerned? I thought and felt things through before I decided to say it. I may only say it once… with words… but I will say it over and over again with actions.

You only want to hear what you want to hear, rather than what we want to say. What we have to say offends your ears and what they want to hear. That is why we are silent. You are a non-listener to others unless they say what you want to hear. Capricorns and aging, forwards, backwards, etc — we relax with age and become sillier. Or even suck up to your version of reality and us. We know that such things reveal you more than they reveal us… but we keep an eye on what they reveal about us, and Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance eye on how much you refuse to see what they they reveal about you.

Please remember that Capricorns are people, like you are. Sun signs are just archetypes which may or may not be relevant. Confronting Astrological Misconceptions by a Sagittarian Mind. This is a good site for relationship astrology information — Sasstrology.

We are together and things are going really good. In this respect they agree. However, you can also be very impatient and short tempered, which can lead to problems early on in your relationship.

Speaking of transits — If you know a Sun sign Capricorn, transiting Pluto is in Capricorn which a lot of astrologers have repeatedly written aboutat the moment and for a long while, and this is causing havoc for everyone, not just Capricorns we all have Capricorn in our natal chartsbut especially for those with their Sun in this sign.

For more about transits, and all things astrology — Ruby Slipper Astrology — is a great blog to visit. I suggest that you check your Sun sign out. Those signs are on opposing sides of the zodiac axis, which means that they tend to have similarities which are vastly different.

Hello — I read your blog and found it very interesting. Was wondering if you could offer some advice.

Your Taurus Mercury might find stability in it, but your Gemini Sun will go stir crazy. The Moon tends to feel restricted by Saturn, just as Cancer may feel restricted emotionally by Capricorn — such as wanting a commitment and not getting one. I love him soo much. What should I do to gain back his trust and love?

The last few month have been rough because we are in a long distance relationship. He has tried his best to ease my concerns but finally we had a blowout fight about it. He said he wanted to keep trying to work on it. A few days later however i think i rubbed him the wrong way again, I asked why he had been withdrawing and we got into a long conversation about how we are both unhappy and he said we should break up.

Leo and Capricorn is an intriguing combo. Lots of compatibility even in their differences, but also quite a bit of friction — which can work well but also jar. Leo and Capricorn is very much a case of when things are good they are very very good, but when they are bad they… tend to go their separate ways and sulk about it. If a Leo hurts a Capricorn… then the Leo needs to turn on the Leo charm. That charm is irresistible even to a stubborn Capricorn.

Moons signs, Venus and Mars signs, where your planets connect with his and where they oppose. Sometimes what we say in anger is our repressed frustrations expressing themselves. So, go over what you said and figure out what that may be revealing. Figure out what Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance hurting for you too, what hurts is also usually where the healing lies.

Long distance relationships are hard on both sides of the relationship. So much of how we get to know someone else comes from physical interaction, from the subtle clues and cues of being with someone in the flesh, and knowing what is going on Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance their day-to-day experience, where they work, live, how it impacts them.

Long distance relationships sometimes act as a lifeline for an idealised self and other, and self with other. Physical distance can be an issue in and of itself, as it always has a certain unreal quality to it. It can disconnect as much as it connects people. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful response. Interestingly, reading that brought more peace to my heart than i have had in a long time regarding the issues in this relationship.

It is difficult Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance think of myself because I feel I have brought this on. I believe the distance was making me insecure and he Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance that there was nothing more he could do to ease my concerns he did try very hard to make me happy.

We saw each other about once every month, those times when we were together were amazing, he agreed. Things became unmanageable after some time when our conversations got harsher and I became more jealous in social settings.

I know that there is a lot I could work on and believe that our love is strong enough to overcome this, but i am terrified that i have done too much damage. Do you think there is a way back into his heart? I am giving us time apart to think and clear our heads, but wanted to ask him if we could see each other when he is in town next week. I have read into our charts separately and much light has been shed, however i am not sure how our charts match up together.

Any insight you may click to see more, whether it be regarding the charts or an approach I should take, would be greatly appreciated. I want to repair the love that we have. Like Liked by 1 person. I am absolutely inept when it comes to reading synastry and composite charts to compare charts, however you can do it yourself using guidance from a website like this one — http: He has a lot of Capricorn, including the problematic Capricorn Moon, just click for source he also has the intense and penetrating Mars in Scorpio — so the best approach to take with him is to be honest.

Being radically honest is probably your best bet. Your Virgo Moon will either love this or hate it, but is actually a very useful placement for doing this. Apologise, but only if you mean it.

Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance

Tell him why you did it, but only if you know why you really did it. Stay away from the blame game. And allow him to explain why he is hurt, what hurt him and to let him share it without you taking what he is sharing personally and making it into something about you. We need go here take a step back and allow them to express their story to us.

To acknowledge and validate it. If they feel that their side of the story is heard, listened to, acknowledged, validated and understood, then they can slowly move on from that moment.

However if the hurt becomes a source of healing, then he will associate you with a healing experience, and come to see that being hurt by you is also a means to being healed. So, I would advise letting him know that you are willing to hear him out because you want to understand him. It is not an easy thing to do, to listen to someone else telling you how you hurt them, and do it without interfering in the process and jumping in to explain yourself.

You can explain yourself later. You both sound like great people, who have a good relationship, but as with all people and relationships, it can get complicated, there can be hiccups along the way which need to be worked through with understanding. Is he playing mind games? Does he got another women on the side? Does he likes somebody else? Would Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance tell me?

How do i know if he still care??? Men tend to love differently than women do, which can cause many misunderstandings and complications in relationships between men and women. Relationship astrology is more than just the Sun sign. How does his natal chart impact your natal chart, etc.

Dating A Capricorn Man Long Distance

More about relationship astrology can be found here — http: Libra is a sign which rules relationships. You expressed that in your comment. Capricorn is more about authority and going solo. Relationships are not a natural territory for Capricorns — being alone is. What seems easy to you, may be difficult for him.

Relationships With Capricorn Men- Capricorns

What seems easy to him, may be difficult for you.