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27 Mar You're going to the premiere of the hottest action movie this year as Chris Winters ' date! This is a big deal! Danny: I know it isn't every day you get to walk down the red carpet with an A-list movie star. Addison: It's more than that, Danny Chris Winters has never taken a date to a premiere! Danny: That. Once you unlock Amour, your character can start dating Chris, and later on marry him. His first date is Las Vegas Love, his second date is Italian Romance, his third date is Hometown Heartthrob, his fourth date is Trouble in Thailand, his fifth date is Winters' Storm, the sixth date is London Calling, the seventh date is French. 26 May The aftermath of Chris' proposal in French Kiss, from Danny's perspective. Written before the release of the next date, so it may not follow what happens in that and I may rewrite it then. This story kicks off at the very end of the date, right when Chris has proposed.

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I read another question relating to the latest Chris Winters date and it seems that no matter your choices it will end with Chris immediately assuming the worst of the MC and abandoning her WITHOUT even hearing her side of the story. I assume Megan Moore sets the MC up.

Dating Chris Winters In Hollywood U

This leaves me questioning if its worth the diamond price tag. My MC never dated anyone else. I watched the free preview for Hunts date buts thats all So my MC has never given Chris a reason to mistrust her. My MC has always been supportive and understanding of Chris and never complained or freaked out even when she had every right to freak out a little.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars - Las Vegas Love (Chris Winter's date #1)

I gotta wonder if its worth paying diamonds only to discover that not matter what choice s I pick for the MC Chris will have NO faith in her and immediately abandon her the moment things look bad. It will really suck to have spent so many Diamonds on dating Chris only to find out hes actually not good enough for the MC.

Winters' Storm - HWU Guide

Musiclover Whatever you choose it'll end up the same. I wonder what would've happened if the mc knees him where it hurts as i choose to slap him since I had no diamonds. Maybe in the later update it shows that the guy that kisses the mc and Megan are arguinghe's telling her that the mc slapped him if that's what you choose and that that wasn't a part of their plan. Chris overhears and rushes to get your mc to forgive him. I feel that that would be a really good addition to the story plot.

Alexandrea I kicked Keegan where it counted.

I am still disappointed in Chris I know its a game but they give us all these choices and we do pay extra for these. Never dated anyone else!

Dating Chris Winters In Hollywood U

Yet The first time Chris faces that test he fails. To end it on a cliffhanger. Keegan basically forced himself on her.

He barely knew how to explain it to himself. In this date, Aria asks your character to be her date in the grand opening of the Sheridan Hotel Malibu. He stopped in the doorway, his eyes falling on Chris, who was sitting on the side of the bed. You both pull away as Megan Moore walks over, smiling broadly.

Chris did not give a crap. Im sorry but every girl has a right to make it clear that boundary is NOT one you cross without permission. Keegan paid for it, but so did the MC Who deserves way better. Is it me or are all Megans speeches to the MC when Chris is away getting ridiculously similar to a a comic or movie villain revealing their evil plot as they laugh like a maniac and lighting flashes behind them?

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Dec 10, ESRB: Chris Winters Dating trouble, diamonds Worth it? Alexandrea, Mar 29, I feel that that would be a really good addition to the story plot Posted on: Article source Stars - Gameplay Video Added on: Back to all Tips and Tricks.

Keegan paid for it, but so did the MC Who deserves way better. Chris and Megan walk offstage as the lights dim and the movie begins… Rewards 2 Diamonds Danny is making friends at a movie premiere! Jessi After the movie premiere with Chris for renagade rider he got on the plane and it said keep playing for more what did it mean will I have to do more quests to date him again or will I have to wait for awhile for him to appear to date again Posted on:

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