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5 Jul Shake up your dating life with the newest dating apps on the market - the good news is they're not all about one-night stands and over-filtered selfies. Cost: Free. The low-down: Have you ever seen Mr Dreamy on the bus only for him to get off three stops before you, vanishing forever? While you're. 11 Feb Online dating seems to be the norm these days, but there is something you might not like about it. No, not the endless sea of potential duds, but the fact you need to link your Facebook account to the dating app. One of the most popular dating apps, Tinder, asks you for your Facebook account information. 29 Jan I originally wrote this for my friends and family in , to explain why the latest Facebook privacy policy is really harmful. Facebook doesn't keep any of your data safe or anonymous, no matter how much you lock down your privacy settings. It knows much time you spend on different sites and topics.

I originally wrote this for my friends and family into explain why the latest Facebook privacy policy is really harmful. External references — and steps to get off properly — at the bottom. A lot of these concerns I had have proven true. Facebook has been consistent with its pattern of contempt for its users. I got my here and brothers on it, and around 20 other people.

And you miss out on their stuff too. Shake up your dating life with the newest dating apps on the market - the good news is they're not all about one-night stands and over-filtered selfies. That sort of thing. Scientists successfully immunized mice against the disease using stem cells

With our financial and location information on top of everything else, there were some concerning possibilities. Turns out what I suspected already happened 2 years ago, starting in !

That few minutes of searching turned into a few days of research and reading. I dismissed a lot of claims I found that could be explained as accidents - technically plausible or technically lazy.

For example, the excessive permissions that Facebook Android app asks for are a technical issue to do with Android. But there was still a lot of serious privacy concerns left over, and I considered those facts with techniques that I know to be standard practice in data-driven marketing. They just change the privacy policy and by staying on Facebook, you agree. Those are all a decoy. There are very serious privacy breaches, like visit web page your product endorsement to advertisers and sourcetracking everything you read on the internetor using data from your friends to learn private things about you - none of these privacy breaches have an off switch.

Worse yet, Facebook does these things without ever letting you know, or revealing the damage to you if you ask. I discovered all the spying Facebook does — which I double-checked with articles from big reputable news sources and academic studies that were heavily scrutinised.

Links are all in the Source section at the bottom of this post. Why would they care about little old me?

Free Dating Sites No Fees Facebook Contempt Book

The same is done about you, and revealed to any company without your control. One of the more obvious problems here is with insurance companies. The data they have on you is mined to predict your future.

Would you like to be denied health insurance because an algorithm incorrectly predicted you were starting to see a heart specialist?

Do you trust their law enforcement with this information about you? Trump condemns Florida rifle massacre as he says he'll visit the school — but Luckily, absolutely free dating sites exist and they have a whole lot to offer. It's the perfect forum to end online harassment. One of the best and most popular features of a dating site is free online dating chat.

I know what you do in the bathroom, but you still close the door. From I have nothing to hide. Why should I care about my privacy? While most of us feel we have nothing to hide, we all come across situations where we need certain things to be secret, at least for a while.

You give us permission to use your name, profile picture, content and information in connection with commercial, sponsored or related content such as a brand you likeserved or enhanced by us.

Everything you read online, everything someone ever posts about you, all your private financial transactions. And, your data starts to get combined with your friends data to make these models more accurate.

We have the right to have a say in how information about us is used. You may find yourself arrested for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or just pulled aside at the airport one day, now facing jail time because you revealed you did something that government considers illegal 5 years ago.

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No need for NSA programmes because of marketing data companies who de-anonymise all your data to sell it again and again. This is done systematically and automatically. They stopped after serious controversy, but not only was the damage done, there were other companies who escaped the bad PR and kept up the same practice.

Where might you travel in the future? Do you trust their law enforcement with this information about you? Mark Zuckerburg himself has been public and consistent to his investors about his intentions:. When they made Facebook email, they took advantage of users who were syncing their Facebook contacts.

So that your friends would email you at your facebook. Even if you have nothing to hide, you have to worry about the opposite, what Facebook chooses to hide that you want to be shared.

Free Dating Sites No Fees Facebook Contempt Book

It feels like Facebook is the only way to stay in touch. Through pictures and comments. In reality, lots of your posts are never seen by anyone! And you miss out on their stuff too.

Private messages suck too. How many Facebook messages do you send with no reply? How many Facebook messages do you think you forget to get back to, or miss altogether? Is that how you want to treat your friends? In the last month, I simply stopped using Facebook. People phoned me, and we really caught up.

My family was more in touch. My brother emailed me with updates. Friends popped into my place to say hi. They blocked posts about Fergusson and other political protests. So has the first board member of Facebook - the politically conservative Peter Thiel. Facebook goes so far as to let political organisations block your communication.

This is often abused. I can block any article from Facebook by getting a few friends to mark it as offensive. Cheap and easy censorship.

Quit social media

Your Facebook habit means other people have to rely on Facebook. Real names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, everything. Non Facebook users often see this in action, in the form of emails to them from Facebook, containing their personal information. A couple of pictures uploaded with his face, and presto - they can identify him in pictures — adding location data from the pictures to his shadow profile.

On top of all this, they can very accurately infer a lot about him based on statistical similarities to his friends. If you read a lot about a topic, you probably like it. That sort of thing. These techniques have in marketing since the 80s, and you can hire university statistics students to do them, though of course, Facebook hires the best in the field and are looking to pioneer state-of-the-art artificial intelligence for this.

In Europe, Facebook is legally obliged to share exactly what information it has about you - but they refuse. And you thought those Farmville requests were annoying. And most apps that they use are third-parties. A lot of the anonymous data, like what and when you posted, pictures of you, your location at a given time, is enough for a huge number of companies to tie that anonymous data back to you — and sell it on.

Get your loved ones off Facebook.

On top of this, they allow all the Facebook apps full access to click information - with your name and everything. And even if you never use any apps on Facebook, your friends Free Dating Sites No Fees Facebook Contempt Book. When they use apps, your friends share all your information for you.

Some things DO have off buttons, but keep in mind they are temporary, and as Facebook has done in the past, it will switch them back on source letting you know. When Facebook started and probably when you joined it was clearly a safe place to share with your friends only. That was their big promise. Over time, they switched the default privacy setting to public so that if you still wanted to keep Facebook for friends only, you had to manually find over settings on multiple hidden settings pages.

Then, they started dropping those settings and forced information to be public anyway. Basically, Facebook gives advertisers the right to use you as an endorser, but you have no control over it. There have been known cases of vegetarians endorsing McDonalds, a long- and happily-married woman endorsing dating sites, and even a young boy endorsing a sex club to Free Dating Sites No Fees Facebook Contempt Book own mother!

Those cases were so embarrassing that the person found out. People called them up. Worse, a lot of people might assume things about my religious beliefs based on these false endorsements. We can have no idea if our endorsement has been used to sell flakey crap in our name. Using Facebook means this happens all the time. Advertisers can buy your endorsement on Facebook and your information from third-party data brokers.

Finally, I want to explain how this latest privacy change makes things way worse, and way more out of your control if you stay on Facebook. Facebook is demanding to track what you buy, and your financial information like bank account and credit card numbers. It will be sold again and again, and likely used against you. This massively empowers these third-parties to collect all available information about you, including calculated information that you never revealed.

This is a situation where even Facebook click here will have trouble maintaining the privacy of its data — not that they care. This is simply a consequence of their business model.

What can you do about this? Facebook gives you two options: And the ticket is way too expensive in the first place. There are different interpretations of this. Then, there are the data brokers Facebook works with, that now have our data.

So deleting your Facebook account not deactivating is necessary to stop this, and then there are a few other steps to try to undo the damage:.