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I am speaking to you from my experience in the MC world. I will say that I met some good people and had some good times. Waste of time, money, etc and almost cost a lot more. Source can say that from many years of membership that most of those I met were decent people and were NOT engaging in felonious activity.

The fresh-faced newcomer whose cloak has barely caught any road dust might seem like a pushover, but though his time on the road is short, his skills as an abjurer are unmatched in the whole of the realm. I asked him myself while visiting his home. If you get any sleep you are lucky. I am speaking to you from my experience link the MC world.

However if you were to compare the percentage of MC club members with another club, say that lions club you would see that the MC clubs have a much higher percentage of members with a criminal history and a much higher percentage of members that get in How To Become An Iron Horsemen with the law.

The patch that you wear will attract attention which is mostly a benefit to your club and a detriment to you. The police will certainly keep a close watch on your activities and when you are pulled over you can expect to be searched, questioned and possibly given citations for bogus charges. Cops are not stupid, they will know the reputation of the company you are keeping and will presume that you are are the same or worse last member they carted off to click here. You will also now become a target of other Motorcycle clubs, and any other person who has been wronged by the club you are associating with.

Expect an unfair fight, expect to loose some teeth, have your colors stolen and possibly your bike stolen too. Cagers with a case of road rage will run you off the road.

How To Become An Iron Horsemen

They will smile as you slam into a ditch, and drink a cold beer when they get home, knowing that they just evened the score with a dirt bag that did them wrong in the past. You may be innocent, but the patch that you now hold close to your heart is a big target. This is a fallacy and poisonous Kool-Aid. You will not be free at all. You will be on the beck and call of every full patch in the club. You will be lucky to keep a job.

If you have a good family life now, make plans on a divorce in your future. For many the CLUB is the only thing that matters and that is their only priority. That is their only life and they expect it to be yours too. If you think this not to be so, take a hard look at things before joining. Visit club members at their homes, if they How To Become An Iron Horsemen one and see how life has treated them.

Has membership in the Club brought them prosperity, happiness, or what ever you believe to be of value? Clubs have a method of indoctrination and use methods to link the minds of the prospective members.

As a prospect you may be expected to work all weekend long cleaning, doing menial tasks, running errands, or just being a bitch for a brother.

If you get any sleep you are lucky.

I will give you an REAL example of a prospects duties on a weekend party:. Leave home on Thursday for party, arrive at party site Thursday night. Work all night preparing site and doing whatever is requested. Work all weekend long with little or no rest. Expect that some asshole member to harass you, asking you to do gross shit like finding something they dropped in the porta john. On Sunday, you will be delerious from lack of sleep and stink of sweat. Once they are finished with you, provided that you make it, you will be expected to keep working and clean up after the last brother leaves.

When you leave you will be expected to ride home without having slept in days. Never mind that they give a shit about your safety riding a bike with no sleep. Oh, and last but not least your wife or GF is going to unload on you once you stumble through the door for not being there for her.

How To Become An Iron Horsemen

Your employer will notice that your work product and motivation have gone to shit too. You will be lucky to keep your job. Once you have a full patch, you will be expected to earn for the club and carry out the business of the club without objection.

For more great gaming ideas and insights, check out Neal F. Never mind that they give a shit about your safety riding a bike with no sleep. Later, when locals began to understand who he was and the reputation he had, nobody wanted to know who would have sent Eddie into hiding in the first place.

You could get a black eye or threatened with getting kicked out in bad standings. Your family will most likely loose their home, move in with relatives or seek government housing. Homelessness and welfare are a reality. The club may put a few bucks on your account for a while but this too will diminish over time.

If you are doing a long stretch you will have nothing if and when you get out. Expect that the brothers that you had in the club when you left to be gone, dead or perhaps they were How To Become An Iron Horsemen cellies in prison. Should you doubt what I have said about prison, perhaps you need to write to a few brothers behind bars and get to know them a little. Once you have gotten acquainted maybe you need to visit the prison to strengthen your bond to gain a little bit of their trust.

Ask them if they would do it all over again, click to see more them if it has been worth it? If you are sane, and they are even a little honest, I hope that you will smell the coffee and make a smart choice. Lastly, take a good hard look at what has recently happened with the Bandidos and Cossaks, support clubs, and other members of the Texas Coalition of Clubs.

Every single person at the meeting that day wearing MC colors went to jail and got a 1 million dollar bond.

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How many of these folks have bonded out, few. How many of them actually participated in the violence, few.

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Many of these club members or associates were there for a meeting, lunch and a cold beer, however due to their choosing to associate with a few BAD APPLES, their lives have basically source ruined, whether they did anything wrong or not.

How many of these people were bonded out or taken care of by their clubs?

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Biker Victims of Waco. Skip to content Home About. I will give you an REAL example of a prospects duties on a weekend party: Other Links of interest: