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Woman Man Cancer Compatibility With Sagittarius Cusp Leo

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Relationship Compatibility of the Cancer-Leo Cusp with Other Signs. Name of the Cusp: Oscillation. Seasons of the Year: Mid Summer. Zodiac Elements: Water / Fire. Ruling Planets: Moon / Sun. Zodiac Symbols: Cancer / Leo. Mode Dominants: Feeling / Intuition. It is week of Oscillator in energies. This can be linked with the age of some one when it is starting in his career. When a man start. Sagittarius is more independent and loves attention.. that conflict is always understood from both side.. and i think it won't be a problem when Sagittarius understand cancer/leo preferences. the combination of calmness that comes from the cancer side and determination for success which comes from the.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. From my experience i can tell that the two source are different. Sagittarius is more independent and loves attention. I don't know about marriage life. This Site Might Help You.

Does anyone know of a website or anything that deals with the compatibility of cusps? You two are just too different to make love work.

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You are a freedom-loving gal who source to jump into life feet first.

However, the Cancer boy and Sagittarius boy can make excellent friends, if no romance is involved. Opt for friendship instead. This is a poor love match. Leo This is tied with Aries and Aquarius for the number-one soulmate love match for you. The Leo boy can truly be the exciting boyfriend of your dreams.

In friendship they can equally divide their, energies between both sexier. Success at a Price? I am insecure in a lot of ways, yet people always seem to want to turn to me for advice, leadership, consulting, or something.

His lack of insecurity will be thrilling to you. You will share a mutual understanding and like that unleashes the romantic side in you.

He is very dramatic and love being center stage, which suits you just fine since you delight in being where the action is.

Cancer Leo Cusp - the best guess approach

Your sense of humor will keep things light as you have great adventures together. A true soulmate match. Hi, I'm a cancer-leo female who was born on July I have different qualities than theRAM as I am more balance of an introvert and an extrovert.

I love to travel, I love to go out with friends, I love to speak a lot to people, and Read more value my relationships a lot. I am very adventurous and creative when it comes to going out and yet I can't stand being alone.

I hate being alone: I am very loving and devoted of a person and I am quite a committed person in a relationship. I am 21 years old. I think Sagittariuses and cancer-leos can get along very well if cancer-leo can give a lot of healthy space to sagittarius.

Sagittarius needs to step up though in being honest and communicative with cancer-leo in letting them know if they are truly interested and not be hypocritical in their feelings.

Cancer-leos can provide the creativity and fun that sagittariuses are looking for on a weekly basis that is what I did with my "sagittarius". Sympathy is also something that I've been reading about online that Sagittariuses do not seem to like. Cancer-leos should be great empathetical communicators using traits from their water sign and optimism from their fire sign.

Sagittariuses enjoy a lot of sweet affection, such as warm hugs, and would rather not talk too much about their problems and rather go out and have fun to forget about them. Cancer-leos can provide that if they are prepared to do so for them.

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It's here most powerful tool I've found to predict the future of a relationship. Why are there 12 signs? I will admit that I do feel a sense of shame I'm upward of 70 something. Cancer-leos need a lot of attention and love while sagittariuses need a lot of freedom and optimism in their lives. A delicious meal out with lots of sparkling conversation is a good date for them, or going to a museum to be around beautiful objects while learning new things.

Cancer-leos need a lot of attention and love while sagittariuses need a lot of freedom and optimism in their lives. Cancer-leos should be prepared that sagittariuses are very independent obviously and are very versatile. Cancer-leos should give them space and not worry too much if their sagittarius friends or lovers disappear for a while.

Give them a few weeks or even a few months to return back.

Cancer Leo Cusp Man Compatibility With Sagittarius Woman

However, sagittariuses should let their friends and lovers know better of where they have gone off to and be more reassuring to them, in order to not create confusion and worry. If the two understand each other mutually, they can create a very sweet and loving relationship together.

Cancer Leo Cusp Man Compatibility With Sagittarius Woman

They can perhaps become best friends or even likely marriage partners. I think the sagittarius has the upper hand in deciding what the outcome of the relationship should be because they are the ones who are more independent and mutable sign in the relationship.

Relationship compatibility

Thus, sagittariuses, be honest and communicative with your partner if you really do like them. If you start to wane in your feelings against your lovers any lovers, not just cancer-leobe honest and do not flee from expressing the truth.

This will be a respectable thing to do for anyone, rather than fleeing and causing confusion and pain. Try a Prepaid Cellphone. Related Questions Are sagittarius 3 week of titan "male" compatible with cancer-leo cusp of oscillation "female"? Every sign meant for another Who is Cancer's sole soulmate? Answer Questions I am Leo, but can I say to other people that I am a Scorpio since it is consider to be the strongest? Any hope with my Cancer man?

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