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Normally used for digging up dirt, this utility also has potential for putting holes in enemy combatants. A shovel with a stamp where there would normally be a metal head. Well ain't that just incredibly useless. Rather than displacing dirt, this odd shovel just sort of phases through it.

Sadly, this makes it pretty much useless for both digging and strifing. A drill with a bit made out of black and white plastic.

Contouring 101

It's a bit flimsy, but still fun to use. A shovel with a spinning head. Good for drilling holes in imps. Alternatively, a synonym for nonsense.

This shovel isn't much of an upgrade if you intend to use it for diggy-digging holes, but if you try to wallop somebody with it, the sharp, blocky blade should make quite an impact. You have no idea what kind of ninja would use shurikens with pointy shovel heads instead of the usual blades.

Maybe if you dig really deep, you might find an answer. A woodcarving tool with a blade perpendicular to its handle. Did you want to adze me a que--you know what that doesn't work quite as well. A shovel made of hardened steel, perfect for showing imps what for if they catch you doing your gardening. This new line of fireworks is made to launch pickaxe heads everywhere, making it ideal for blast mining or decapitating several imps at once.

A frisbee with drills around all the edges. It even has a little hopper that carries back whatever you mined with it, although it does have a tendency to get clogged with grist. You put barbed wire on a shovel made of pixels. Having realistic looking barbed wire over a pixelated shovel looks weird, but it will work. Not for digging, of course. If you think barbed wire helps with digging, you might need to think about that a bit more. A modified digging drill that instead of a normal drill head, has a very heavy anvil on the end.

As it turns out, an anvil spinning at high speed makes for an effective, -if also messy, weapon. These boots have drills in the soles, making them useful for wrecking the linoleum and acquiring Confused Hookup A Man 101 Shoveling ore whenever you're digging. When you combine the shovel and pickaxe you get a weapon with a shovel on one end and a pick axe on the other, this should make work faster.

A brightly colored pickaxe that releases multicolored explosions when striking something - this isn't safe in the slightest. Block enemies with a dangerous spinning bolt that can be used for fighting as well. This thing is as dangerous to them as it is protective of you! A giant bone with the head of a pickaxe at one end, perfect for venting your frustration caused by the incredibly stupid name of said weapon. I gotta axe, why do you have to take a dig at puns?

These gloves were designed off the claws of a giant mole species. With these miniature shovels strapped onto your hands you can tear through dirt and rock with ease.

It's a combination between a sledgehammer and a pickaxe. Most of the spells in this book have something to do with digging, which doesn't make any of them really useful in combat. It is, however, quite heavy, and covered in pointy rocks.

Ever since your Drillsbee dug up some uranium, it's been acting kinda funny. Almost as though radiation exposure has damaged the electrical circuits An incredibly powerful drill, clearly capable of digging upwards and through the very heavens. This pickaxe has pins all over the iron bit, giving it more points for you to stab enemies with.

It does leave a bloody mess after a battle though. This thing is capable of picking locks this web page the traditional sense, as well as "picking the lock" by hitting it really hard. Also, it smells vaguely of limes. The added weight from the golden toes make these drill-bottomed boots even better at kicking shins while stepping on toes. This hideous display of opulence is a surprisingly decent imp-thrashing weapon.

Just don't expect it to hold up very well against attacks This drill actually drills through the sound-barrier at whatever's in front of Confused Hookup A Man 101 Shoveling, hooray for the face-twister drill! This drill-coated frisbee was once malfunctioning due to highly concentrated uranium in the drill bits. Now, that uranium has been depleted of most its radioactivityleaving behind a hard shell - making the drills more effective than ever.

Throwing a drill-covered disc powered by a barely-stable nuclear reactor at enemies is probably a great idea. You should probably just stand a long, long way away. A rather large drill attached to the end of a go here chain. Can be used effectively by throwing the drill end, then pulling it back to you with the chain.

Be careful on the rebound, though! A shovel crafted out of a dragon's skull, a couple bits of its spine, and well-tempered steel.

A shovel with a head that is literally shaped like a spade. This digging implement is surely one of a kind. This pickaxe is magically attracted to precious metals. Fortuitously, it has a nasty tendency to be attracted to the precious metals in the anatomy of nearby enemies instead of ones in nearby rocks.

A massively over-sized spear with a Confused Hookup A Man 101 Shoveling drill on the top of it However, it is also blessed with the amazing power to shoot drill shaped projectiles, so it's a perfect ranged weapon, up close or Confused Hookup A Man 101 Shoveling away. Be careful not to hit yourself with the crack! One of the sturdiest drills around.

Confused Hookup A Man 101 Shoveling

You can't wait to bring some innovation to your renovations. The drill arm of a Big Daddy straight out of Rapture.

It smells a little fishy and it's covered in seaweed but it'll do. Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's how Team Gurren rolls! A nasty little weapon, this spear burrows into its victims before unleashing a massive jolt of electricity right into the victim's innards. A Drill made out of pure crystal These are the drills that will pierce the heavens. Yes, you are just that adamant in the ability of these gauntlets.

These are the drills that have pierced the heavens, are piercing the heavens, and will pierce the heavens at some point in the future. Time travel's confusing, guys.

Confused Hookup A Man 101 Shoveling

Your arms are now drills. Well, ok, technically they're actually just a set of drill gloves that connect to a power source on your back. But you don't care, these things are awesome! It's a pixelated diamond pickaxe, excellent for breaking large cubes into smaller cubes.

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If you prototyped with anything shaped like a box, you're gonna have a good time with this. The sheer power of these drill gloves makes you want to shout at the top of your lungs as you liquefy your enemies' entrails.

Some truly opulent drilling gauntlets.

A pair of drill gauntlets covered in cow guts. What it lacks in power, it makes up for by completely disgusting your enemies and maybe giving them mad cow disease. Now you don't have to worry about visit web page drill breaking while poking about in that Ogre's stomach. This pickaxe adds extra force to each rainbow-empowered blow with the ring of nuclear rockets around the head.

It's advised not to point either end of this at your head at any time due to the radioactive waste the rockets produce. Holy crud these things are heavy. The most you can hope to do with them is sort of flail your arms in the enemy's general direction and hope you hit something with the massive drill head on each hand. This marvel of modern science allows you to drill through just Confused Hookup A Man 101 Shoveling anything.

The main downside is that nobody thought to put wheels on the damn thing, so you have to push it around like a chump.

How is any of this a surprise? The absurd amount of work it takes to lug these things around is made more than worthwhile by the sheer hilarity that ensues when you launch one of the gigantic drills into a series of unsuspecting enemies. After all the years of fighting against homosexuality equaling pedophilia, now we have an A list celebrity who is flushing this source down the toilet.

They don't pack as much of a punch as they would if they were made of metal, but if they were made of metal you wouldn't be able to move your hands anyways. This seems like a worthwhile compromise, especially since there's a woven lead sheet around the nuclear power core keeping link from being irradiated.

You've come to the right place. After nearly three years in book publishing, where I mostly moved on instinct, taste, and feeling, the clarity of this soothes me. Be careful not to hit yourself with the crack! There are lots of leading men in award-winning films, and there's absolutely no evidence that Rapp is talking about Spacey here.

A wicked pair of massive drill fists, with these on you feel you punch your way through mountains! Just who the hell you think you are?! A pair of gigantic nuclear drilling gauntlets that utilize woodchipping technology to completely destroy any leftover rubble, making digging a much cleaner exercise. The absurd amount of work it takes to lug these things around is made more than worthwhile by the sheer hilarity that ensues when you launch one of the gigantic drills into a series of unsuspecting enemies.

All the reliability of a giant nuclear-powered drill, with less friction and more handbrake turns! As though all the previous engineering powerhouses weren't enough, this drill is reinforced with Nintendium, the toughest material known to man.