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I remember a few years back when Alex Rodriguez and Scott Boras got roasted by a number of delicate scribes for announcing something or other in the middle of a World Series in which A-Rod was not participating. The pearl-clutching about "taking the spotlight away from baseball's showcase event" was positively strangulating.

Well, it seems our bold drug warriors know a showcase event when they see one, too. Hey, Anonymous Sources, Pro Tip: Give us all a Treat. I swear, you can become my favorite football coach of all time.

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Tell Brett Favre to return to his fainting couch, that you're planning to start Tarvaris Jackson Sunday night, and that The Streak is history. The Sunday night NBC crew will have to crate up all those adjectives again; I can't imagine what might happen on the set.

Tony Dungy might have to lay hands on Peter King to get the poor feller breathing again. Read all about it! Al Michaels will start having flashbacks again to the night he personally brought Godless Communism to its knees. Nebraska 35, Missouri This is where the mullets meet the road. And the BCS situation clarifies itself further as Ole Miss wins what amounts to its bowl game for this season.

And everybody at Boise State climbs the glacier to celebrate. Mississippi 20, Auburn Somebody in Washington revived Albert Haynesworth, which must have taken a defibrillator with paddles the size of Stop signs.

A great match-up of players who do not play against each other -- Haynesworth in Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand middle for the Redskins and the redoubtable House Of Spears for the Lions. Fred Read more is going to think he died and went to nose-tackle heaven.

Washington 23, Detroit 7. You want a crucial injury?

Dating on Demand: I Farted

We got yer crucial injury right here. Steeler DE Aaron Smith tore a bicep muscle last week and likely is out until the beginning ofat least. Smith has missed 15 games in four years. Without him, Pittsburgh is and gives up 22 points a game. New Orleans 30, Pittsburgh If only to begin the process of seeing if the 59 points that Oakland put on Denver just click for source week is more points than the Raiders will score for the rest of the season.

The Raiders will be handicapped because their iconic owner faces his busiest day of the year. No, wait, that team was No more of Tim Cahill's kids, or link big scary click sitting next to Karen Polito.

What's the message there? The last match in this year's International Rules football championship. International Rules is a compromise hybrid between Aussie Rules and Irish football. In many ways, it differs from MMA only in Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand number of visible tattooes. The visitors won the first test, in Limerick last week.

The home side can still take the series by outscoring Australia by more than seven points at Croke Park on Saturday. But This Blog finds the relative lack of Kerry players on the Ireland side There's no point in This Blog's going spelunking through Murray's sordid hack-o-rama of a career. Nor is there much point in This Blog's going point-by-point through this latest loogie hawked into the national conversation.

Besides, we have The Economist for that.

Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand

This Blog would only add that it believes the football Jimmy Johnson is every bit as famous as the race-car driver is, and even knows how to spell the football coach's first name. And, even so, knowing a famous football coach and NFL analyst makes someone elitist? This Blog's brain hurts.

However, This Blog would like to rise to the defense of NASCAR, at least in the sense that various link and stooges should stop using it as a political handball, and also Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand using its devotees as proxies for a lot of bilge that they'd believe anyway, even if Bill France never got his pal, George Wallace, to get him the land in Talladega.

Junior said "New Hampshire" the way most of us would say "dysentery. I am not, after all, Charles Murray. I have argued politics in the garage area with Richard Damn Petty himself. Richard told me that he'd formed his own political-action committee, which made me argue with him.

You're already Richard Damn Petty. How come you need a PAC? It was like discovering that Little Richard had filed to run for governor's council. Seriously, how many of those cosseted conservative pundits who throw around the acronym actually could pick Kyle Busch out of a lineup? Seriously, those pundits spend their weekends trying to knife each other for Redskins tickets. I thoroughly enjoyed my time each and every time I've been to a race, although I admit to understanding very little about what was going on on the track.

Murray likely doesn't know anything, either. I respect NASCAR as an example of one of those traditional American products that this country still manufactures -- a huge, honking public spectacle that makes the people who love it very, very happy. Although the elitists seem to Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand keeping the TV ratings down. They don't need to be hijacked into our increasingly embarrassing political dialogue.

Ned Jarrett's too nice a guy for that. These were some of the all-time great signal stealers.

The Sunday night NBC crew will have to crate up all those adjectives again; I can't imagine what might happen on the set. Nor is there much point in This Blog's going point-by-point through this latest loogie hawked into the national conversation. We're cursed, I tell you.

They were holding, holding, holding. We were signaling from the sideline. They were good at it. Oh, for the love of God, just stop it. Tim Donaghy's former employers apparently have moved swiftly to stamp out yet another obvious threat to the integrity of the game. I can't tell you how many of my friends came up to me last year and said, "Well, I'm not taking the Celtics and the points tonight.

I can't trust the outcome because Rajon Rondo wears his headband upside down. Of course, it's all about control here the hired help in preparation for next year's moronic lockout, but, also, if you're looking for further proof that most modern American industries link in the hands of clerks whose imagination ends at something some business-school dunce told them once about the integrity of The Brand, and who mistake their own cowardice for someone else's lack of integrity, well, here it is.

And you could look it up. Yes, they lost to the Jets, but the two teams have identical records now, and what the Patriots have done in the past two weeks, in beating Baltimore in a bloodbath when the Ravens were the popular pick for the league's best team, and then following that up with a mile flight and a taut, wacky win at San Diego, is something that the Jets haven't yet done.

Elsewhere, Pittsburgh's alsobut needed a godawful bit Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand goal-line officiating to stay that way against Miami. And, as an aside: The Patriots have their problems -- and it looks like the offensive line may be one of them going forward.

Toucher And Rich Dating On Demand

But this is the season of the Fatally Flawed -- What's up, Indy? Certainly, they did so yesterday, although you could probably suit up the source section at your local supermarket and outthink the Chargers.

Leave aside the fourth-and-three call that didn't work. The James Sanders and Ron Ninkovich ball-on-the-ground plays were purely the result of being coached up to respond to weird improvisational situations. Reverse the situations and I guarantee you that the Chargers are still standing around on the field, staring at the ball, and the game might never have ended. And they've done this with an offense that is still clearly a work in progress.

They're adjusting on the fly to the absence of Randy Moss, and there simply was no rhyme or rhythm to what they were trying to do yesterday. That double-reverse deep pass was pretty much a mess Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand the handoff on. Tom Brady spent far too much time on the ground than is safe for either him or the team. And they still piled up enough of a lead to hang on to win. That's the way things used to happen around here. Navy -- I haven't rooted so hard for the Navy to beat a major power again since Old Ironsides teed up the Java.

Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand

Auburn -- OK, Les Miles. When the big hand is on the three, and the little hand is on the seven Auburn 38, LSU I just wanted to type the names. It sounds like a local newspaper war.

Bruins Center Riley Nash calls in and discusses his favorite to win "Pucks and Paddles" Riley also discusses the trade dealine and the heavy schedule of games in March. One caller is very unhappy with Bill Belichick. Chris Gronkowski quickly jumped in to change the conversation. It is also the place where you go when you announce that you plan to spend an afternoon very soon as a "statue" in Harvard Square. Elsewhere, Pittsburgh's alsobut needed a godawful bit of goal-line officiating to stay that way against Miami.

The management at Lambeau Field would like to remind you that all cellphones, pagers, and electronic personal assistants -- hand-held or otherwise -- must be in the "Off" position during play. Tennessee -- Jeff Fisher is the Indispensible Man. In this week's action, one of his wide receivers Kenny Britt missed practice because he allegedly was in a bar fight the night before, Vince Young is still hurt, and Michael Griffin's maturity seems still to be something of a tossup.

Nevertheless, watch the Titans mess with Kevin Kolb. Atlanta -- The Cincinnati season rises or falls on this game, as does Toucher And Rich Hookup On Demand Lewis's future with the franchise.

Does he pull back and get toasted by Philip Rivers, or does he play like a volatile dunce again? I wish I could see a third alternative. The San Francisco Giants are a lot better than I thought they were, which is not surprising, since I lost track of them sometime shortly after Willie Mays left town.

On Saturday, we'll see how bad a decision Charlie Manuel made in pitching Roy Oswalt in relief the other night.