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Gay Forums - Hey guys, another question for you all. When is the right time in a relationship to say "I love you"?I've been dating my BF for a little over two months now. 14 Jun Whilst we love our mums, dogs and halloumi, being in love with someone is something else, and saying it to your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time can be very She said they'd been “official” for two months but have been dating for four to five, and asked other women to share their experiences. How Soon Is Too Soon to Say I Love You. Women are perhaps a little guiltier of expressing their feelings before the time is right, but that doesn't mean men don't do it too. gay-men-dating-relationships-sex-I-love-you1. We all dream of hearing those three little words. Countless songs, books, movies and poems have been.

Please use reddit's voting system to your advantage. Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. Mod's interference is minimum, everything is allowed except for what is listed in the rules here. How soon is it too soon to say "I love you"? When you stop being infatuated, and realize all of his negative qualities, and STILL want to be with him.

This process usually takes 6 months or so but can be longer or shorter for some people. OP take note of this post. It is so right. I always had this idea of what love felt like. Its that warm fuzzy feeling you feel when you're with someone that you never fight with, who you read article completely and who understands you.

This is not a safe space. Top 10 mistakes gay men make that ruin their relationships. Troy Spry is a certified life and relationship coach and the one and only "Reality Expert. I said hearing it just made me feel good.

Boy was I wrong. I was dating my partner for about a year when he said it to me. And I didn't have that warm fuzzy feeling for him at the time. I even reacted negatively when he said it. But I thought about it.

What You Should Know Before Saying I Love You

And although he frustrated me at times, and we disagreed on a lot of stuff, I realized that I felt myself with him, I loved spending time with him, and when i was out with other people, I would think about him. That, for me and us, is love. It's very blurry line. You don't just wake up and say, "Oh, damn, I'm in love now.

It's on my calendar. It's the third Wednesday since I met them. I tend to err on the side of caution. I usually wait a few months. Usually at least one or two major fights. Because people usually put on their "best behavior" during the early months. It's so easy to get turned around. And I don't want to be caught saying anything I don't mean. I think the others covered it, for the most part. When you know him well enough to say it, go for it.

Even if you figure out later that it was just infatuation or whatever, it's not like you committed some unforgivable sin. You need to be in a relationship before any of those come out. I think love is a healthy emotion, very full and engaging, but you need to be cognizant that learn more here takes time to be in love, Gay Dating When To Say I Love You believe, because you share it.

You say 'I love you' when you feel the love from your partner and feel the same. I personally wouldn't do it until after I knew them for a good while, like after 6 months maybe. Everyone has their best face on and is on their best behavior in the beginning, plus a lot of stuff we may not like about the other person gets over looked because of love blindness.

I would need to give it time so that both parties can become comfortable enough with each other that they drop their guard and begin behaving like their real selves. Then decide if they are someone I might want something more with or not.

Gay Dating When To Say I Love You

When you aren't sure its love yet. How I know that I am in love, is if I can be in that relationship without any sex at all, and I still want to be with him, I'm in love. It will be weird if a guy tells me that on the 5th date but since we already made it past the first four, it means I want this to develop into a serious relationship and I don't mind if he gets there waaay before I do, feelings are personal.

I just tell him that it's too early for me and everything I'm writing right now. I had a guy tell me he loved me within 2 dates. I haven't spoken to him since. We would kind of talk around the topic it for a couple of weeks before then "i love [this thing] about you" as a way of sounding each other out Had a guy tell me after two days and I instantly quit talking to him.

If you rush it you'll destroy it.

When to say 'I love you' for the first time? | EliteSingles

Play it smooth, if you put words and titles into things your really not in it for the right reasons. Just enjoy what it is and see where it goes. My last boyfriend told me on our first "date.

Say it when you feel and it mean it, but try to gauge how the other person feels about stuff. He might feel the same way but be less likely to say mushy stuff.

I told my man I loved him after about 5 months, and it was a lot for him. He has never heard anyone say it to him before. I realized I loved him when I looked at him, and realized that even though he's a cynical asshole sometimes, that I still saw the loving, compassionate man that I see every day.

When You Have a Crush On a Gay Guy (ft. Rudy Mancuso)

Also, that moment when I looked into his eyes, and felt something continue reading than just a blank stare. It's something that you will know. To me, love feels like I'm radiating happiness from the inside out. I don't remember where I heard this quote from, but this is it. Love is putting someone else's needs before yours". It's different for everyone; my fiance' and I had to stop ourselves from saying it because we believed it to be too Gay Dating When To Say I Love You.

To err on the side of caution, I'd say wait until he pisses you off. After recovering from that, and you still want to be with him, then say it. I lost track of the amount of times my guy has infuriated me, and I'm sure I've pissed him off in proportionate amounts, yet, we still go to bed snuggling. Like, okay, if you're my friend, I love you. You're important to me, I care about you and your wellness, and if something ever happened to you, I'd be hurt.

Of course, tho, I only have a small group of, maybe, 6 friends? I say I love you to my friends all the time to make sure they know how important they are to me and now I have to wait some time before saying it to someone I'm dating? I just got over a much shorter term thing on and off since Januaryand I could have easily said it to him.

In fact we had a few conversations about it because he felt similar at one point, and I think it ultimately kind of scared us both away because we felt it was too soon. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Gay Dating When To Say I Love You

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? That was two years ago. Just say it if you feel it. It's still true to this day.

This is not a safe space. Then decide if they are someone I might want something more with or not. The perfect time to say "I love you" I find is the second tuesday of the month at about 2 o'clock during a cup of tea. Just enjoy what it is and see where it goes. I think we all have brotherly love for everyone, it comes in all different forms - just like love itself.

Did you already establish you are actually in a relationship? I'd say you'd have to be in a relationship first, and after that it really depends. That's just my personal thoughts on it are.

We had crazy chemistry from day 1 though. Love is putting someone else's needs before yours" And that's when I knew. It really depends on the dynamic.