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8 Mar Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. The Test: This Taco is built to do one thing—thrive in the rough. As we learned over miles of tooling around town, the truck's ride is unapologetically stiff, and the liter V-6, while plenty powerful, is geared for dirty duty rather than interstate cruising. But once we ventured into. Toyota's Newest 4x4 Is Like an REI Store on Wheels. Toyota Concept Car Concept CarsSuv CarsToyota CamryToyota Fj CruiserSleeping BagsDoor HandlesWater BottlesCompact Suv. Toyota FJ Cruiser Redesign, Specs, Release Date. See spy shots, photos, news, and reviews of hot luxury cars: Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo, BMW Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi, Bugatti and more.

The inch wheels rolled over uneven terrain with verve. Interior is enough for two mountain bikes with the seats folded down.

All that, and this cat can still ferry four adults. Back inwhen it debuted in North America, we drove one through nearly hood-deep standing water, what felt like bottomless mudholes, and even up steep, root-strewn rocky slopes.

The Cayenne only got better inwhen Porsche added center differential lockswhich make all the wheels turn at once—useful for getting unstuck. Although the Cayenne defaults to rear-wheel drive on tarmac, it can send nearly all its power to either axle depending on which tire has the most grip. Switching to off-road mode lifts the chassis to But this summer, Porsche will retool the Cayenne, which could cost the SUV some of its notorious capability.

A tank that handles like a sports car. This Taco is built to do one thing —thrive in the rough. Basically cruise control for off-roading, Crawl Control propels the truck up and over the gnarliest terrain, automatically modulating braking and power between all four wheels.

The driver only has to steer. The Tacoma can take you almost anywhere, but good luck seeing the vistas out of the squat windshield. In addition to four-wheel drive and its terrain-select system, the Trailhawk comes with an armored underside, as well as red hooks up front for pulling lesser vehicles out of a jam.

Jeep also includes massive Goodyear All-Terrain Adventure tires, and they conquer almost everything. Even with plenty of trail moxie, the interior is plush—almost too nice for the dusty, muddy, sloppy conditions the Trailhawk is made for. A bare-bones article source with all the confidence, fewer tech flourishes, and none of the luxury. That same sweet Grand Cherokee ride but with hardcore cred. It may look and act like a truck, but at its heart, the Ridgeline is a very comfortable crossover.

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On a mile road trip between Best Free Hookup Sites 2018 Crossovers Toyota Tacoma and New Mexicothe 3. The fun continues with six speakers in the lighted truck bed, which can double as a sleeping platform with the rear gate down.

Honda even sells a tent that fits inside the bed. Call it the anti-truck for those who want utility without a harsh ride and dismal fuel economy. Easy to maneuver, easy to spend all day in, easy to get in and out of, and easy to throw stuff into and retrieve. On a cross-continent blitz, the XT5 would be a welcome cruise liner compared with the stiffer, more aggressive ride of the Jaguar F-Pace.

The horsepower V-6 with all-wheel drive spends most of its time judiciously powering the front axle, shutting off half its cylinders when turning all four wheels is fuel-sucking overkill. The luxury crossover for those who want a happy medium between a Euro sports car and an American truck. Handling is ultra-crisp and tactile, inspiring confidence no matter how hard you push. It may look like the same old Pathfinder, but a peek under the hood proves otherwise. Nissan boosted the engine to pump out horsepower and tow up to 6, pounds e.

The suspension is better, too—stiffer and more capable. On a hilly drive near Big Sur, California, the smooth continuously variable transmission CVT was well mated to the engine, with little of the whining drone found in other CVT setups.

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We locked the transmission into four-wheel drive to power up a sandy lane in the mountains, and descent control stopped us from sliding on the way down. Think of the Pathfinder as a bigger Subaru Outback with a more refined on-road ride and twice as much towing capacity.

10 Most Reliable Crossovers Under $ 30 000 MSRP For 2017-2018

A suburban cruiser with an active-lifestyle soul hidden under sheet metal and leather. With this latest iteration of the Priusyes. Just stare at the Tron -esque rear lights and aggressive front end. Toyota tweaked the handling, affording more predictable cornering, and the Prime can run entirely without gasoline for 25 miles farther than the average click here commute.

Even if you floor it, the car stays in EV mode until its cells are depleted and can cruise up to miles when using both the gas engine and electric motor. Getting to a distant trailhead and back is no source. The rear hatch gives the impression of storage space, but only that.

The archetypal hybrid bares its teeth. Sure, it was bitterly cold outside, but inside, ten-way-adjustable leather heated seats and a heated steering wheel kept everything as cozy as a Swedish sauna. Every piece of glass in the car is laminated, cutting ambient noise to a murmur, even though we were driving on studded tires that would ordinarily create an unholy din.

Volvo gifted the V90 with AWD and more than eight inches of ground clearance—besting the off-road chops of many tall-riding SUVs in this realm. And yet it handles like its S90 sedan cousin, with the poise of a fast performance car, not a bloated box.

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A ridiculously gorgeous alternative to the default luxury SUV. Shift back to D on the interstate, and the Alltrack defaults to luxe-sedan quiet, with superb sound deadening. The seats are plenty supportive for long hauls, and stock amenities include fog lamps and smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Inside, every surface, from vent knobs to window levers, feels tailor-made. Credit the Swedish carmaker for knowing how to handle winter. Skiers will dig the second-row pass-through, which is wide enough for powder sticks. The ideal chariot to chase first tracks. Once we hit mph on an empty stretch of mountain highway close to the Mexican border in Southern California, we were sold on the revamped Impreza.

Best Free Hookup Sites 2018 Crossovers Toyota Tacoma

Subaru made the hatchback roughly 1. The decidedly higher fuel economy belies its sports-car handling.

Best Free Hookup Sites 2018 Crossovers Toyota Tacoma

Credit the brand-new chassis, sport-tuned steering, all-wheel drive, and more than half an inch less ground clearance, which affords it glue-like grip on the road.

Subaru also dropped the roofline for improved aerodynamics and easier roof-rack access. The value-pick AWD star just became a joy to drive as well. With each mile we ascended up the snow-packed road to St. Ten miles later, at the trail, with four inches of snow covering the iced-over tarmac, we locked the center differential to turn the spritely horsepower, two-liter turbo crossover into a full-time 4WD tank. Foot-high snowdrifts were no match.

Inside, we here coddled with a heated steering wheel, heated seats, tunes via Android Auto, and enough leg- and headroom for four six foot adults to sit comfortably. Behind all that was a cargo area big enough for backcountry snowshoes and winter gear for four. A bare-bones version of the turbo AWD vehicle for a lot Best Free Hookup Sites 2018 Crossovers Toyota Tacoma money. Even a Mini can be the perfect ride to outdoor adventure.

It sits higher than any other hatchback on the market, with 6.

Choose one of the body types below: RAM for Sale in Houston. Why do horsepower and torque cross at 5, rpm? I haven't made up my mind. Kia for Sale in Houston.

Would we take one rock-crawling? More off-road prowess, since the Mini lacks features like hill-descent control or an off-road transmission mode you can find in rivals like the VW Alltrack.

The biggest, most pragmatic Mini for adventure. From Outside Magazine, March