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My Ex Only Wants To Sleep With Me: My Ex Only Wants Sex And It Makes Me Sick

You're not alone in seeing your ex on a dating app

11 Apr Sex with your ex can feel light, even liberating. When I slept with my ex I felt the same physical attraction we'd always shared, unspooled from the relationship that had made both of us feel restless and unhappy. It felt freeing—there was nothing tying us together. It felt like a choice that we were both making. Hi Louise I have just split with my ex I caught him talking to ***** in your area off * **** sites I'm 99% he met up with them for sex when I caught him on it again he said he wanted to propose to me and it must of been me from oct to dec my self astern hit rock bottom as he cheated on me before I had my baby so after having his. 3 Sep Swipe Right is our advice column that tackles the tricky world of online dating. This week: what to do if the person you're dating can't quit the scene.

Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. You can read about me hereperuse the archives here and read popular posts here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. He was honest about it and told me that he signed up for the site when he was with his previous partner their relationship was really bad click ages, mainly because of her, and he only stayed with her as long as her did because he was in love with her and thought things would get better.

He said he signed up because it was a way of escaping reality and her. He said since he found out that he was still on the site he has been trying to find out how to delete his profile. Before all this, he was generally really caring and loving and we were happy together. He is usually honest with me but finds it hard to express his feelings at times. He has said he will delete his profile, and unsubscribe, and I could even read all his emails on his account if I wanted before he deletes them.

My Ex On A Hookup Site

He said he will work really hard to earn my trust and that he never planned on meeting up with the girls, which I do believe, as he has been cheated on in the past. What do you think? How link you find this sex site in the first place?

My Ex On A Hookup Site

Not unless you want to continually worry that your boyfriend is cheating on you or meeting women behind your back. There are a lot of red flags here.

HOW is he trying to figure that one out? Did he put a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean and hope someone from customer service receives it? He may be into you; he may WANT to be a good and decent boyfriend. You can follow me on Facebook here an Twitter here. Tracey September 27,1: It sounds to me like they already had been doing stuff. Rachel September 27,1: I just found this:. Rachel September 27,3: The woman in question already has trust issues if she was snooping around instead of being direct.

This woman should get tested every six months anyway as we all should but accusing him of cheating right off the bat sounds like projection of something you experienced rather than fact-based opinion. People should try to find partners who share the same boundaries. I could say so much about these points, but no. My Ex On A Hookup Site more needs to be said.

Just walk away and leave him to his sex-site devices. Please, from someone who has gone through something similar, get out while you still have some self respect. Lili September 27,1: Desiree September 27,1: MsMisery September 27,1: I was especially annoyed that this guy blamed most of the problems of the last relationship on the ex, while trying to make himself sound like a good guy I stayed for looove!

Moneypenny September 27,1: So many red flags here! Yeah, that was the lamest part as far as I was concerned. Maybe you forget to mention it on a single evening, but for nine months straight?

It took someone a couple of days ago ON A DATE pointing to the app which is on my phone and not in one of those folders either asking about it for me to be like, oh, I totally forgot I was still on that. So I do buy that that is possible. But the other stuff?

It is certainly … not awesome. ChemE September 27,1: What do I think?

I Had Sex with My Ex-Boyfriend!

Maybe he pulled this same shit on his last girlfriend, and not that lame story he told you. And the fact that he told you he went on this site while still in a committed relationship is a HUGE red flag. He admitted to fucking around, maybe not in person, while still in a relationship.

Is that really something you want to have to worry about? Sarah September 27,1: The fact that this guy cheated online with his past girlfriend because click here was problems and what, he thought things would get better so he stayed in the relationship and got off on internet genitals???

Yah, that will make things a TON better. More like, he let the account stay dormant in case you argued with him about anything and he gets the justification he needs to talk with sex ladiez without guilt. CatsMeow September 27,1: He was still in love with his ex but she was evil and crazy right?

I never dreamed I'd end up dating 57 men in less than a year. You find yourself browsing and swiping and playing on. We went on five dates without sex, just a kiss and a hug. Switch to Threaded Mode.

LM September 27,1: He has lied and is lying to you, so why do you want to be with someone like that? Completely with Wendy on this one.

Also, what is with people being on Craigslist, sex sites, live web cam sites? Whatever happened to good old regular porn? TECH September 27,2: You left out how you found out about his profile and messages. Presumably you were looking at his email.

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His email is none of your business. Why were you looking at it in the first place? You need to answer that question honestly with yourself. Then you talked about why he signed up for the sex site originally. That the relationship was bad mainly because of her.

Anyone who signs up for a click site while in a committed relationship is seriously violating that relationship. Your boyfriend violated his committed relationship, even if he wants to justify it by saying how bad his ex was.

Is it possible he forgot he signed up for the site and only recently started getting emails and messages again? He responded to the messages. What matters is that he responded to them, and in doing so, it was completely disrespectful and hurtful to you, so much so, that you needed to write into Wendy.

So in order to earn your trust back, your boyfriend tells you that you can read all his emails. I once had a friend whose boyfriend was emailing back and forth with women who had personal ads on Craigslist. And she forgave him. I asked her why and she said because aside from this issue, he treated her well and she loved him. What I told her is that those two things do not add up. A man who loves you will not email other women about sex.

A man who respects you will not violate your trust in such a deeply personal way. A man who treats My Ex On A Hookup Site well will not do those things. If you had been together longer and had made a permanent commitment, I would go to couples counseling.

Sarah September 27,2: GatorGirl September 27,2: Seriously, nine measly fucking months. It defies all common sense and logic. It really, truly does. And this is a rather meager find here… Sounds like he uses the site as interactive porn meets email-sex.

Muffy September 27,2: Where does it say that? Well, would it have been relevant for her to include that they had the conversation? Are you okay with that?

I figured that he chose the bar we were at because it was so close to where I lived and obviously he was planning on trying to get it in, but when he dropped me off he actually walked me to my door and kissed me goodnight. Desiree September 27,1: Before all this, he was generally really caring and loving and we were happy together. I had the chance to live the Sex and the City fantasy. There was no spark, or he was dull or gross or just too pushy.

Lili September 27,4: Its not about the act in relation to how prude or frigid i am, but the deception and breach of trust that is not ok. IF my boyfriend wants the option of sex chatting, but nothing physical with other women, well thats another thing he should bring up and you know what, I might be ok with it. Its really that simple. I personally would not be comfortable with my boyfriend sharing a sexual experiences with another woman, virtually or otherwise.

Which becomes the problem. Bottom-line, nine months is not a huge investment of time.

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