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Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

13 Dec What are the things that husbands and boyfriends hate about their wives and girlfriends? Just like there are many habits of men that women don't like, there are certain typical things that guys hate about girls. From nagging to dependency and from comparisons to exes - this post discusses these quirky and. 5 Feb Insecurity and jealousy are both traits that men do not want in a partner. Girls, there's no need to comment on another woman's short skirt or the overdose of makeup on her face. It just makes you look petty! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. This one of the things that guys hate about girls. 12 Jul It turns out men hate these 17 'cute' things some women do. So when they started calling women out for the 'cute' things they do that actually annoy them, we felt the rage. Dudes, we're not 'trying' to be cute, these things are 2. "I can't stand other girls, all my friends are guys". [Via]. 3. Stop stealing my.

Even when guys have deep love for their girlfriends, they just cannot stand a few annoying girlfriend habits. Girls do so many things that can annoy men. Have you ever wondered why your man walked away in a huff for no apparent reason? Do you think he is a weirdo? Or, you have done something wrong that annoyed him. There certainly are several things girls do that guys hate a lot. If you know those things and fix the issue, you can have a fulfilling relationship.

Guys find it really disturbing when the girl they are in relationship with nags a lot. He just does not like when she keeps complaining about things and never stops nagging. You should Things Girls Do That Guys Hate urge him to make everything perfect and understand that it is fine if he forgets to do a thing or two at times. Learn to let go of things to make your relationship work. Most men hate the fact that women lie about feeling horny — or at least as horny as men are.

They link women try to fool them by denying sex drive. You should think about it and see how it affects your relationship. One of many things girls do that guys hate is over-dependence on men. Understand that men do not mind going out of the way to help women, but you should not push it further.

Overdependence makes them think that you just cannot handle anything by yourself, which is a big turnoff. Something that annoys most men is how women just cannot get ready in a timely manner. It is also frustrating for them to wait for hours while girls are getting ready. Your boyfriend may think you are insecure of yourself and that is why you take too long click the following article get ready.

Changing this perception can be quite healthy for your relationship. When there are problems in a relationship, many girls just refuse to acknowledge them. But, they cannot shake that feeling of having something bad in their lives, and this passive-aggressive behavior is what guys hate. Men do not like jealous girls, period.

Understand that he is with you and not with other girls. He may tolerate your jealous behavior early on in a relationship, but it becomes more annoying with time.

This is hypocritical and I fully acknowledge that. He just does not like when she keeps complaining about things and never stops nagging. I know there are some guys who are exceptions but most of us feel this way. We love to touch your bodies, stroke and caress you… for days…. It can get so out of hand that benign conversation can be misinterpreted as sexual harassment, messing up the work place for everyone.

Your behavior often makes him feel that everything he has done to make you believe that he loves you means nothing to you. Yes, so many men hate when girls refuse to eat, even when they feel Things Girls Do That Guys Hate. Girls do it thinking that there is no place for girls who are not body-conscious and skinny. This sometimes makes your man think that you cannot take care of yourself. Girls will always be emotional and no one can do anything about it, but being too emotional can hurt a relationship.

It is okay to cry more info feel upset occasionally but your boyfriend is going to hate it when you get emotional about everything in your life. Learn to hold your tears and show your stronger side. The other side of being too emotional is also among the things girls do that guys hate.

Relationship Rules

Understand that your man does not like it when you try to be emotional and pretend to cry. Even when guys love their girlfriends, they just cannot stand high maintenance girls. This also shows you have little self-control.

Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

If you spend a lot and always need attention, you are not going to have a fulfilling relationship. A little makeup can make a girl look perfect, but wearing too much of it can annoy men. It often makes your partner think that you are trying to hide your imperfections and you have insecurities.


No matter how much guys love their girlfriends, they just hate it when they are stalking. Your man is not going to appreciate you using ways to monitor his activity.

Similarly, not asking for permission to check his phone is something that can make him mad. Stalking people in this way makes them think that you do not trust them and this can be damaging for your relationship. In other words, girls who always want to be the center of attention can hurt their relationships.

Claim they're not here other girls. Once I was with this girl and I was down there in the dark and loving every minute of it. Closeness of body, when sitting or sleeping together The feel of you next to us is the most reassuring experience imaginable. Please ladies, if you fall into this category I have to politely ask you to get over yourselves. This also shows you have little self-control.

Do not always expect him to appreciate you for whatever you do; he will feel better if you decide to return the favor from time to time. Girls like to talk, and that is okay, but girls who gossip a lot are not liked by guys. Understand that your man do not even care Things Girls Do That Guys Hate tiny bit about those gossip stories.

He wants to hear about you, so have a nice conversation to build a stronger relationship. Even though men once fell in love with their girls because of their sexy body, they do not want their girlfriends to show too much skin now. If that is something hurting your relationship, you may want to make some adjustments to what you wear. Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment.

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Things Girls Do That Guys Hate