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A lesson in range anxiety on the country's emerging Supercharger network. It's miles from the parking lot of a Chili's in Barstow, California, where we are, to the parking lot of a Carl's Jr.

I'm in a rented Tesla Model Sa sleek, battery-powered electric vehicle, with a travel companion.

One truck driver doesn't take kindly to this gradual pass and offers us his middle finger. Edge clips are widely used for fixing and bundling cables and wires within automotive, trucking, heavy equipment, solar panel, wind power, and white goods equipment manufacturing. I called him in mid-March, after he'd returned to Southern California, to hear how the rest of his trip went. Confirm brand and model number quilting frame that will you be using?

We're just about fully charged, and the link estimates it can travel miles before we need more juice. That's a buffer of 38 miles, which should be more than enough to reach Kingman. We'll soon realize it isn't. The seemingly random parking lots I'm traveling between are sites of a new nationwide network of fast battery charging stations for drivers of Tesla's Model S.

That's much faster than the roughly 8 hours it would take by plugging into a wall outlet in your garage.

Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs

Tesla's official reason for building this private network of battery charging infrastructure currently up to 80 stations and counting is to encourage Model S drivers to take road trips — a concept otherwise unthinkable in a car powered only by a battery. I'm testing it out on a weekend road trip from Los Angeles into Arizona and back. For drivers of electric vehicles, calculations of distance and range are of near-constant concern. How far you want to go must always be less far than your battery can take you.

The Nissan Leaf, for example, can get up to 84 miles of range on a full charge — enough for most people's daily commutes and errands, but hardly a long-distance option. The estimated mile range of a fully equipped Tesla Model S has allayed some concerns about having enough juice to get where you want to go.

Coupled with the Supercharger network, it's made the article source of taking a battery-powered road trip feasible — even cross-country.

Feasible, I quickly find, is not the same thing as simple. An hour outside of Barstow I notice on the digital dashboard display that the mile buffer between range and distance has fallen hard to about We've got more than a hundred miles to go, a lot of it uphill, and if the buffer keeps decaying at this rate, we'll never make it.

I'd been driving as I normally would, not realizing that higher speeds and the rising elevation would drain Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs battery faster — that "estimated" range really is just an estimate.

In any effort to save battery life, we turn off the stereo and dim the huge touch screen control panel. I figure out the cruise control and drop it down to We coast and hope. We're mostly in the slow lane now, venturing left periodically to pass a big rig.

But we're not Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs much faster than they are, and passing takes longer than usual. One truck driver doesn't take kindly to this gradual pass and offers us his middle finger. Our passing speed is apparently too slow for his liking, and he edges his truck into our lane.

Properly intimidated and terrified, I slam on the accelerator, temporarily abandoning the cruise control and draining that much more of the battery's life. Once he's far enough behind, I take it back to 63, but it takes a long time on these straight desert roads for his headlights to finally disappear from the rear view.

About 15 miles from Kingman the estimated range finally drops below the distance remaining to travel.

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The battery's display bar has shrunk and dimmed from bright green to grayish day-old avocado. The range keeps ticking down. We're about 7 miles away from the Kingman Supercharger when the battery range officially reads zero.

Basically on empty, we keep going for a few more miles before the car begins slowing itself down. The car is shutting off, the display says, and I pull onto the shoulder, park and call AAA. We're 3 miles from the next Supercharger station with a dead electric car on the side of a barren desert highway.

That psychotic trucker see more be too far behind. The all-electric vehicle market is in its infancy. Tesla estimates that there are about 25, Model S cars on the road worldwide, 22, of which were sold in It's still a small minority.

Random people walk by slowly. Public charging is not a necessity. Machines with other connectors are not currently compatible. Supplying Solutions October 27, With the end of and the beginning of a new year, the season is perfect for retrospection and looking ahead to the opportunities in

As things stand, the market has three main constraints: The limited range of electric cars has created a reliance on easily accessible charging, most of which takes place either at home or at work over the course of hours.

But if people want to use their cars to get them more places than just work, home, and the errands in between, they'll need more and faster public charging stations.

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A fair amount exist in many urban areas, and various online maps plot out where drivers can add a little juice to their batteries while out in the world. But then there's obviously not unlimited resources for host sites to install chargers," he says. The availability of charging stations will likely become less important over time, as battery technology improves and range increases.

But for now, those longer-life batteries are expensive, and most electric or hybrid electric vehicles are limited to the much Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs modest ranges.

Additional range would make the car more expensive than GM prefers. That means driving in an all-electric vehicle like the read article range Nissan Leaf is, for now, confined to daily commutes and errands. For longer trips, the accessibility of charging stations — and especially the amount of time it takes to charge — are major limiting factors.

When it comes to the electric vehicle road trip, a Tesla is basically the only option. It's nearly 2 a. When the shop opens the next morning, he assures us, somebody should be able to come right out. Four hours later we're awake again, on the phone to AAA.

They can't find anyone who's willing to take on the liability of towing a fancy car. After hours of calls back and forth, they say they've finally found a truck willing to jump and tow us. We convince a local cabbie to drop us off on the side of the interstate where we left the car 8 hours earlier, but our hero truck never Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs. I call AAA after an hour, and they promptly hang us out to dry, saying, essentially, "Sorry, we aren't willing to take on the liability of helping you.

In the meantime, we'd also been calling the roadside services of Hertz, from whom I'd rented the car, as well as Tesla. They'd also been trying to convince a local tow company to come get us, with no luck. We'd been blacklisted by the tow companies of Kingman — "Oh, you're the Tesla," they'd say when I here. Eventually Hertz and Tesla manage to get somebody out to save us.

Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs

The tow truck driver, assisted by Tesla's roadside service guy on the line, figures out how to jump the car and give it enough juice to turn on and robo-shift into neutral. Fifteen minutes later it's on the back of the truck on its way to the parking lot of a Carl's Jr. A map on Tesla's website shows the locations of the 80 Supercharger stations now in operation, and the radius of range around each that drivers can theoretically reach. The dots of the stations run the entire length of the west continue reading, most of the east coast, a squiggle from the southwest through the Midwest to the northeast, and a separate triangle in Texas.

The combined radii of range covers a pretty good amount of the country, and the company has its sights on extending that coverage significantly. By the end ofthey expect to be able to reach 80 percent of the U. By the end ofthey hope to reach 98 percent. But the Superchargers will enable drivers to reach most of the country, the Superchargers themselves will be relatively few.

According to Tesla, there will be about by the end of next year, located mostly along well-traveled interstate highways and typically in small towns. Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs company declined to make any officials available for an interview. In cities, people are able to plug in at home and work, and don't really drive far enough to benefit from fast charging. The Superchargers are an every-once-in-a-while sort of amenity.

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And while enabling road trips is certainly a worthy cause for some drivers, observers of the electric vehicle market see the Supercharger network mostly as a marketing tool. Tesla won't offer any details about how much it costs to build and operate these Supercharger stations, but according to internal documents obtained by TechCrunchthey're an expensive effort, marketing or no. For the landowners of Supercharger sites, the cost is basically nothing, aside from agreeing to dedicate an average of four or five well-lit parking spaces to the chargers for a period of five to ten years.

Like the Superchargers I visited in Barstow and Kingman, most of the stations tend Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs be located near hotels, fast food or casual dining chain restaurants, and perhaps somewhat incongruously gas stations. But there's a logic to that: Superchargers are essentially just plugs attached to utility boxes, and don't have common roadside amenities like restrooms or snacks.

Many others on the map are located near malls and retail outlets. An hour to kill while charging your car might just as easily be an hour to shop.

When you park a Tesla in a Supercharger station, people take pictures. Random people walk by slowly. Enthusiastic car nerds come to get up close. Men, women and children alike stare. The driver of one of the other two Teslas we saw at the Kingman Supercharger was even taking pictures of his own car.

He was instagramming and tweetingit turned out, to document a road trip he was taking from L. He expected to be in Virginia to visit family within four days.

The engineers at Tesla probably couldn't have invented a better pitchman than Sam Weinstein. Weinstein is an unabashed Tesla fanatic. Later, when he was waiting for the car to be delivered, he'd go to the Tesla store in Santa Monica and just sit in their display model. He ducks into the driver side of our Model S to show me how to find the car's specs on the display. He shows me an app on his iPhone that monitors the charging status of his own car, plugged in two stalls down.

He emails me a screenshot. I called him in mid-March, after he'd returned to Southern California, to hear Houston Speed Hookup Uk Style Plugs the rest of his trip went. Aside from a flat tire in South Dakota and a range-taxing diversion around a jackknifed big rig in Minnesota, the 7,mile round trip was basically smooth.

He sent me a spreadsheet of data from the car's return trip, with mileage, average speeds and the amount of battery range he had at the beginning and end of each leg between Superchargers. There were a few nail-biters, with just 3 or 4 miles of range left by the time he plugged in, but the trip was mostly a breeze.

Just click for source average distance between the 32 Superchargers he visited between Virginia and California was just miles, which makes our breakdown on the mile stretch between Barstow and Kingman even less surprising.