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✔ What Kind of Person Are You?

Quiz: What Type of Man Are You?

Is he sweet, sensitive, wierd, creepy, emo, stupid, ugly, brainy, a model, hot, gorgeous, or what??? find out who you will be best with! all results are matched personally for you! This quiz takes your personality and finds the type of guy you will fall for! it also includes where might find this guy! Created by: Hook-up Hottie. 26 Mar But I have plenty of friends who are way into sporty girls or shy, bookworm boys. If you've never been able to pin down exactly what type of guy or gal you're into, check out this quiz and find out what type you gravitate towards. The results might surprise you! TAKE THE QUIZ. So, do you already know your. 19 Jul Haven't you heard? There's a new man in town – the Alta-male. It's the type of guy we designed Coach for: “A man who values personal realisation over more conventional measures of 'success', and searches for ways to improve himself.” After commissioning research into this phenomenon, here's what we.

I've never seen him with a girl romantically. He doesn't date, just hookups. He's had a lot of girlfriends. We have a few classes together and became friends. We don't talk much and when we do it's over social media. He got my number and has been texting me ever since.

What kind of guy are you?

He just randomly started talking to me at school. He's hooked up with some of my friends. He's dated one or two of my friends.

What Type Of Guy Are You Hookup Quiz

We don't talk about much, maybe school or sports. A lot of flirtatious and sexual remarks are made when we talk. He talks to me about anything and everything.

Yeah, here and there. You don't really care about brands, but you like to treat yourself every once and a while. What is your hair like? You want to talk to the girl you like, what do you say to her first? Find out what type of guy you wil fall for!

He's flirty and really sweet. Right in the eyes. No eye contact OR we don't talk in person.

Is It Just a Hookup Quiz

I hookup a lot. Never dated OR had one boyfriend. Don't date or hookup. I've had a few boyfriends.

What Type Of Guy Are You Hookup Quiz

Yes and we have a few times. Yeah, here and there. The movies or one of our houses. He doesn't ask to hang out. Ice cream or put-put, fun things. Calls you beautiful, smart, etc.

Says you look good that day. Not very long and when we do talk it's spotty. Yeah and everyone else calls me hot, too. I don't feel comfortable answering this.

Please type your email below. Display item info the thumbnail, name, description and editor. Embed Embed This Section. Do you practice a sport? Don't date or hookup.

I think he's interested in me. You have the possibility to design the text.

Quiz: Is it True Love or just a Crush?

Thanks so much for the quiz!!! I'm surprised I actually got good results.

Good job on the test. I got the result that we could be in a relationship. I'm in my preteen years so not yet, but I am pretty sure we like each other.

Awesme,its r8,that I also lke hm. Delete this comment Cancel.