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Secret Way To Get a Guys Attention

13 Apr So there's this guy you like on Facebook, but you have no idea how to get the conversation started and how to make him interested in you. Here are 5 tips that will help you seduce that guy through Facebook. Since mankind exists, and thus the mating game, girls have been trying to figure out how to get that special guy's attention. Various the ages, from holding a lady's fan a certain way to signalize interest to those who can read the secret code, to modern day poking of unsuspecting guys on social networks such as Facebook. 20 Mar Everyone's reaching out to everyone else on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you want a response, you've got to follow these rules.

This is a humorous, easy to read "how to" guide on how to make a guy fall in love with you on facebook. The author discusses techniques used by her friends and herself that have proven to be successful on facebook, online dating, and in real life!

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Hunting your prey…err, getting your wannabe boyfriend to add you as a friend on facebook. Who do you want to fall in love with you? Do you already have someone in mind?

How To Get Guys Attention On Facebook

Is he already a friend? When dealing with men the shorter the message the better. Keep it short and sweet.

To be honest with you, the only way is to get her to be interested in you. So, you've got to differentiate yourself from the pack. Use them to your advantage! Just make sure it's appropriate.

For example, I am an otaku anime enthusiast so a lot of the guys I stalk, err, chose to hunt, err, set my sights, cough, cough, on are also a part of anime communities or groups, and a part of facebook pages related to anime. Perhaps, there are several guys in the group that you might be interested in. If this is the case it might be wiser to start creating a presence within the group. Make funny, witty posts, post pictures - people and hot guys will start making comments on your posts.

How To Get Guys Attention On Facebook

The same goes for facebook. Just spend a day and stalk him on facebook and see what time he usually gets online and make a note of this. That way as soon as he makes new posts you will know and be able to comment on them.

Chatting on facebook and deepening your friendship with the guy is essential to making him ultimately fall for you.

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Become a constant presence in his life, a good friend, someone he can talk to about anything, any time, someone he can lean on…. If you wanted to apply this advice to real life you would be pursuing the guy you like by going to places he usually frequents or maybe a gym that he has joined by getting a gym membership.

5 steps to get your crush to notice you on Facebook

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Perhaps ask them to gradually let your crush know how you feel about them. The same goes for facebook. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation.