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28 Jun Fun fact: Jennifer Love Hewitt stated in an interview that she was genuinely terrified while filming certain scenes. "A lot of the terrifying scenes are not acting at all. I'm really scared." 2. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Helen Shivers. Share On facebook Share · Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Pin · Share On. I Know What You Did Last Summer is a American slasher horror film written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Jim Gillespie. The film is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Lois Duncan. The film also draws inspiration from the urban legend known as the Hook. The film stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. It also features Jennifer Love Hewitt reprising her role as Julie James, Freddie Prinze Jr. reprising his role at Ray Bronson, Brandy Norwood reprising her role as The film was to be a sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer and it's sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and completely retcon the end of the.

The film is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Lois Duncan. The film also draws inspiration from source urban legend known as the Hook. I Know What You Did Last Summer centers on four friends who are being stalked by a killer, one year after covering up a car accident in which they were involved.

'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Turns 20! Jennifer Love Hewitt On Becoming a Scream Queen

Though the former film has a continuation of the plotline established in its predecessor, the latter film establishes a new plotline and does not star click here cast members from the previous two installments.

Along the road, they accidentally hit a pedestrian. Max, who has a crush on Julie, stops by. Julie reassures Max that everything is all right, and he leaves. After some arguing, the group decides to dispose of the body, dumping it in the water. The group agrees to never again discuss what had happened. The following year, a disheartened Julie returns home from college for the summer.

Since the incident, the group has gone their separate ways.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) - The Horror of Karaoke Scene (2/10)

Julie receives a letter with no return address, stating, "I know what you did last summer! The girls take the note to This web page, who immediately thinks Max is responsible.

They confront Max on Jennifer Love Hewitt I Know What You Did Last Summer docks, and Barry threatens him with a hook. Julie meets Ray, who is now working as a fisherman; he unsuccessfully tries to reconcile with her.

Later, Max is killed by a figure in a rain slicker wielding a hook. Barry discovers a note in his gym locker saying, "I know. Meanwhile, Julie believes that the man they had run over was David Egan. Helen and she head over to visit with David's sister Missy at her home. Missy explains to them that their family was devastated by David's death; she also mentions that a friend of David's named Billy Blue also visited her to pay his last respects. Later that night, the killer sneaks into Helen's house, cuts off her hair while she sleeps, and writes "Soon" on her mirror.

Julie finds Max's corpse wearing Barry's stolen jacket Phlegm With Blood And Sore Throat the trunk of her car. When she calls the others, the body is missing. Ray claims to have received a threatening letter, too. While Helen rides with Barry as the reigning Croaker Queen in the Fourth of July parade, they notice a man wearing a slicker.

Barry chases him, but it turns out to be a red herring. Julie goes back to Missy, who reveals David allegedly committed suicide out of guilt for the death of his girlfriend Susie in a car accident. Missy shows David's suicide note to Julie. As the writing matches that of the note she received, Julie realizes it was not a suicide note, but a death threat. At the Croaker Pageant, Helen witnesses Barry being murdered on the balcony. She rushes up there with a police officer, but finds no sign of the killer or Barry.

While driving Helen home, the officer is stopped by a stalled truck, then killed by a dark figure with a hook. Helen rushes to her family's store, but the killer follows her inside and kills Helen's sister Elsa. Jennifer Love Hewitt I Know What You Did Last Summer manages to flee, but the killer chases her into an alley and slashes her to death, her screams drowned out by the noise of the parade.

Julie finds an article mentioning Susie's father, Ben Willis, and realizes it is Ben they ran over, moments after he had killed David to avenge his daughter.

She then goes to the docks to tell Ray, but he refuses to believe her. Julie notices Ray's boat is called Billy Blue and runs away before Ray can explain that he went to see Missy to relieve his conscience. Ben appears, knocks Ray out, and invites Julie to hide on his boat. Looking around, she finds photos and articles about her friends and her, and pictures of Susie.

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Ben's boat leaves the docks, as Ray regains consciousness and steals a motorboat to rescue Julie, who is being chased all around Ben's boat.

Ray ultimately uses source rigging to sever Ben's hook-carrying hand and send him overboard. When the police question them, they deny knowing why Ben attempted to kill them, but they are relieved not to have actually killed anybody the previous summer, and reconcile.

A year later, Julie is in college in Boston. As she enters the shower, she notices the words "I still know" on the mirror. Moments later, a dark figure crashes through it. Although the movie is set in coastal North Carolinamost of the opening scenes were filmed in Sonoma County, California. In the first scene, the movie opens with an aerial shot over the ocean at sunset that transitions to David Eagan, who is sitting on a coastal cliff at sunset.

This scene was filmed at Kolmer Gulch, just north of the town of Jenneron Highway 1. The film received mixed reviews upon release, inevitably drawing both positive and negative comparisons to Screamalso written by Williamson.

Muse Watson as Benjamin Willis the Fisherman. She makes a final appearence in Last Summer 3D, where she is killed at the beginning of the film along with Ray Bronson by Benjamin Willis only months before he came across Amber Williams and her friends in the same town of which Ray and Julie happened to live. A lot of questions surround his death due to the fact that the Fisherman spends the movie exacting revenge for a hit-and-run that Max has absolutely nothing to do with.

Mick LaSalle thought it inferior to Scream[9] but Richard Harrington compared it favorably, stating that it was " Not a good sign. Jennifer Love Hewitt was praised for her performance as Julie James. An Entertainment Weekly columnist stated that Hewitt knows how to scream with soul.

Final Destination 2 Some teenagers feel guilty after their car accidentally knocks someone down; they hide the body and then they THINK they can just safely sneak back to their old lives Julie James appears as the protagonist character in the first two Summer installments as part of the original group who ran over Benjamin Willis and concealed his still lively body in the pier of Miller's Dock.

The film produced two soundtracks. One of them featured the score composed by John Debneywhile the other contained various rock songs found in the film. Special features included a theatrical trailer and filmmaker's commentary. The film was released on Blu-ray for the first time on July 22,with more special features including the director's short film: It contains no special features and is only available in Region A.

The film was followed by two sequels: Both were critically panned. The second read more has very little relation to the first two, other than the premise, the villain, and the producers. It featured new characters and a different setting. On September 14,Sony reported that they have plans to remake the film; Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard are writing a script.

In a June 1,Blumhouse. Sony also states that the film is a high priority and is set for a release somewhere between and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mortiz Erik Feig Stokely Chaffin. Johnny Galecki Bridgette Wilson.

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