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Quinn and Santana are introduced in Pilot (Brittany doesn't appear until Showmance). Quinn portrays the leader and vocal character of the trio. Although Brittany and Santana are initially introduced as supporting characters, each eventually takes on their own distinctive personalities. The girls join New Directions in. 15 Feb Quinn mused, Katy Perry-style. “I like it.” And before we knew it, they were talking post-coitally in their hotel room about “experimenting” and it being a “two-time thing.” Wow. Consider our minds blown. What did you think? Was it a mistake? Will they keep hooking up? Is one of them going to get hurt?. 16 Feb Emma: “Look I'm really sorry I don't have a pamphlet ready for you right now but I' m pretty sure if I did, it would say something like, “Get Over It,” okay? . Santana Lopez, who must be fucking Kara Thrace for all the air travel she's managed to squeeze into her budget these days, shows up with Quinn Fabray.

When Did Quinn And Santana Hook Up

Santana was presented as more or less a side-kick to Quinn in Pilot. Since then, they've maintained a frenemy-relationship.

Retrieved from " http: The next scene shows them lying naked in a bed together, discussing the prior events. You can't break up the Unholy Trinity. Similarly, when Finn and Rachel are singing We've Got Tonightthey slow dance and Quinn tells Santana that she has never slow danced with a girl before and that she likes it. At the end of the episode, the three ladies are with the New Directions commemorating Finn and they are sad because the glee club is ending.

In Season Two, Santana is mad at Quinn for stealing the head-cheerio spot, but in Season Three, they seem to be quite close again. In "I Do", they ended up sleeping with each other at Will and Emma's failed wedding after getting drunk. Before the episode "I Do" aired, where Quinn and Santana ended up sleeping together, there were many rumors within the fandom about whether the pairing was actually going to be realized in canon. According to the straw poll I conducted among our AfterEllen staff this weekend, the idea of Quinn and Santana going at each other in a non-slap-fighting kind of way seems equally ludicrous and enticing.

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And as an added bonus: After the episode aired and the rumors turned out to be true the reaction was somewhat mixed.

Brittana fans, while still generally unhappy with how their pairing was fairing at the time, were still supportive of Santana being happy in that episode. Click here for related articles on Fanlore.

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If you ever want to set a fandom on fire, the most important thing to remember is: Santana is in it. Quinn is in it. Santana and Quinn are together in it.

Quinn-Santana Relationship

No, Santana and Quinn are together in it, is how the rumored story goes. Retrieved from " http: Pairings Femslash Pairings Glee.

She tells them that she loves them, and she wants them to rejoin New Directions. The Unholy Trinity reunites and dance together in Raise Your Glass to celebrate April 's return to save the glee club. Down the Rabbit Hole by coatlicue Fandoms:

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When Did Quinn And Santana Hook Up