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9 Oct Find me a group of year-old men and I'll pick out one overgrown frat dude living with roommates, another guy who just dropped his two kids off at Girls find it endearing that such an appealing guy has managed to maintain his humility, when it's actually just that he's assuming every girl is out of his. I'm a 40 year old man who met a wonderful 23 year old woman back in early June in a nightclub. She actually approached me first. She said she thought I was in my 30s. Even so, she had no problem with me being We danced the night away, spoke to each other romantically in French (I learned it in. 28 Jul Megan, a 35 year-old yoga instructor, wrote "You know how they always say that the good ones are taken or gay? I never believed that, until I started dating guys on the cusp of " She explained that she's generally dated men years older than herself. (Megan was adamant that she never had "a daddy.

She actually approached me first. She said she thought I was in my 30s. Even so, she had check this out problem with me being We danced the night away, spoke to each other romantically in French I learned it in high school, and she's originally from a French speaking countryand we also spent the night talking about history, a mutal interest we share I'm a high school history teacher, and she majored in history in college.

If she doesn't get into medical school, she plans to go to graduate school to become a historian. In fact, we will be going on a trip together next week on the Oregon Coast. I think that our relationship is working despite the age difference because: So, yes, a successful relationship can happen between a 40 year old man and a 23 year old woman if there are strong 23 Year Old Woman Hookup 30 Year Old Man interests and activities that both enjoy.

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and insights: Meet singles at DateHookup. I've got cheese in the fridge older than that relationship. What are you trying to say? You're lucky that 23 year old isn't my daughter because you wouldn't be going anywhere with her!

No stay away from these types of relationships. However there are many exceptions to the rule and that depends on the individuals Relationships work best when combined with mutual goals and experiences Sounds like you have those To go out and look for this type of relationship is messed up you should like the person for who they are not how old they are It is what it is.

I have a friend who was 22 when they got married and him 40 or 41z still extremely happy and one of the most awesome couples I know 8 yrs later My ex was one year older than me and we were miserable. I've been seeing her now since June 6, And yes, she knows I'm on here. I told her that I come onto DH for the forums. She gave me permission to come back onto DH for the forums. All I'm saying is that our relationship has been successful so far, and it can continue to be successful.

It's going just as great as if I was dating a 33 year old woman.

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I'll also point out that both my girlfriend and I have never been married, and both of us don't have any kids. So that's another way in which we're compatible in terms of life experiences.

My girlfriend knows that I don't "mess with" any DH women. She knows that I am only on here strictly for the forums. It's not as though some women from Illinois is going to become infatuated with me due to what I write in the forums and then fly out to the Pacific Northwest and let me have my way with her!

There's no way that I could end up cheating on my girlfriend due to DH. The forums are strictly for learning, sharing, and laughs. No hanky panky involved! Who's to say where my girlfriend and I will be 5 years from now.

But right now, we are enjoying our relationship together. We're developmentally on the same page in that we've both never been married and we both don't have any more info. I'd like to be a father.

Wouldn't it make sense for me then to be involved with 23 Year Old Woman Hookup 30 Year Old Man woman who also wants to be a mother and doesn't have any kids? Let's face it, most women in the age range of 35 to 42 already have at least one kid and at this point, they don't want to have any more.

23 Year Old Woman Hookup 30 Year Old Man

But a 23 year old woman who has no kids is still open to the possibility of becoming a mother. I don't know what will happen with this relationship. I do know that if I was a 40 year old divorced man with 3 kids who lived with an ex-wife, that she probably wouldn't want to be involved with me. But I'm somebody who's on the same page as her in regards to not having kids yet. And yes, I'm sure that my status as an economically established professional is appealing to her.

Don't most 23 year old women look to date men who are older late 20s and source because men in their read article 20s aren't as likely to be economically established?

I've always looked younger than my age. When I was in high school, I looked like a middle schooler. I just happen to be a 40 year old man who looks like he's in his early 30s. I'm very healthy, don't smoke, don't drink, don't eat junk food or fast food.

Exercise a lot, love to hike. My energy level is very high. Very different from a 41 year old married guy I know who is overweight, looks like he's 55, and has to eat TUMS after every meal he eats because he has frequent heart burn. This is supposed to be unusual because??? I'm 50 and dated a 21 year old and a 73 year old in the last 5 years. Age means nothing, but I wouldn't be patting myself on the back about that successful relationship until you have 23 Year Old Woman Hookup 30 Year Old Man than a couple of weeks to show for it.

I'm not being conceited.

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In fact, I'm a very humble guy. I'm just trying to explain what made this 23 year old woman initially become physically attracted to me. She really thought I was in my 30s. But when I told her I was 40, she had no problem with it because she liked how I looked. As the night progressed, she also became attracted to me mentally. For instance, she really liked the fact that I was also interested in history and have a job that deals with history teaching high school history.

Isn't making a strong connection with somebody something that we're all looking for? For instance, isnt' that why most of you are here on the DH dating site?????

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For instance, a guy in his 30s keeps getting called a "pedo" because he likes to date college age women from ages 18 to 22 this happens in the DGD forum. I'm a 40 year old man who met a wonderful 23 year old woman back in early June in a nightclub.

Feel free to share your sth. Cool bro Fist bump. Back in June huh Why do you say that, Ms. I'm perfectly happy being with one woman at a time. And I'm quite content being in a relationship with my current girlfriend. We're very compatible and see more each other's company. There's nothing with meeting a woman in a nightclub.

It's actually better in many respects than meeting somebody through online dating.

Im so happy i came across this page. He has already opened a college savings account for our child and put together the babies room. But I was about to learn how weird online dating could be.

The women usually have at least guys messaging them. But in that nightclub, this wonderful young woman approached me first. I'd rather meet somebody in a real life situation, then on an online click site. There's too much compeitition on these dating sites. It's virtually impossible for a man to land a date from online dating!

You've held part of her attention from "late June" until now.

Two and a half? You haven't even done enough together to qualify as a brief fling, much less a "relationship. Do she know u on here? Ok, then good luck to u both.

23 Year Old Woman Hookup 30 Year Old Man

Op the law says that the young lady is a grown-up. Don't take her to Peurto Rico, Tony! How are you going to pay for her PhD in a field where she won't be able to get a job unless she's teaching too?

There are no jobs in history. None that pay decently in my experience. She's good for sex and an ego boost. She'll be good at milking her cash cow you.

Also I expected some self-referential humor here… are you not single? After my reply she must have done some investigation aka Facebook and came to a conclusion whether on her own or some outside influence. Tells me and my room mate that she wants to share my bed with me.

It can work, but I think more often it doesn't. I believe your friends beat the odds. My girlfriend hasn't asked me to pay link her medical school or graduate school. She's never even hinted at that! Sorry to break the news to you but 23 is considered an adult and so long as she isn't living under your roof or financially dependent on you you no longer have a right to control her life.

Do you have a right to voice your concerns about the large age gap absolutely. But she also has the right to tell you to mind your own business.