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Getting to know a Cancer man

How to Make a Cancer Man Fall in Love with You

Of all the signs of the horoscope, the Cancer man has a lot of features that many women find intriguing if not downright sexy. Do you want a man who is focused and ambitious? The Cancer is your man. Are you looking for a guy that seems emotionally well-put together and can support you during tough times and can. 20 Apr A man born under the sun sign of Cancer is a very complex machine indeed. Learn all about his personality, turn-ons (and offs), and which signs he's compatible with. Speaking for myself I would never hook up with someone even if that someone would be a celebrity not unless I do feel a strong emotional attraction to that person. Besides, cancer people value EMOTIONAL relation than SEXUAL just an opinion.:)) probably emotional manipulative is the term to use to your guy :) .

How Do see more differentiate a cancer man from being genuine or just having lust? This is a man thing. Any man interested is going to be compelled by lust first.

So all you can do is try him out and see if he wants something more but it takes time. Then after some time passes you can make a better call on what he's after.

Try to be patient. He's a cancer and you'll need it. Lust in the sense that all he wants is just to get you on his bed and nothing else. Posted by ninjamu What? Message board High Five! I could not have said that any bettertime is your best friend and worse enemy if you do, or if you don't have patience when dealing with a cancer male. The wait and see approach is your best bet. Now to take a personal stab at itLust is definitely a part of the equation when being interested in a female but its not the full criteria, just enough to get me to notice you ;p.

It has to be more than just lust,more than just a physical attraction, I really have to care about someone for me to even consider acting on the impulse of lust.


Call me a romantic but what you would rather have, passionate love making with someone you share multiple levels of connection, or a quick romp with a total stranger that is just into whats on the outside? I'm certain that there are some that like the idea of just being in it for the lust aspectbut to it's a hollow fickle feeling that leads to misfortune when not paired with a genuine interest and sincerity.

The part about having him to initiate contact with me is a litte "weird". We got to know each other for about a week. The first 2 days was fine and thereafter whenever he initiates to text, there would be no response after. A while then he would text again and go missing again???? Why is it so weird? Anyway we haven done anything other than making out he was too drunk.

To Seduce a Cancer Man You must be beautiful

I stopped him and he respected it. I would love to know the answer to this. Been almost 2 years, and every time he initiates contact with me, it is about fooling around, we never had sex, but we fooled around many times.

Im at the point where I just feel that he must get out of my life, but he keeps on coming back, wanting to have sex convos, or wanting to fool around. Dont think there is any feelings from his side, I was in love with him, but gave up. I think I gave him the wrong impression, and dont know how to fix it. I just basically ignore him, or keep the convos short. Will a cancer man just feel lust after 2 years? Is this all he wants from me, or do you think there maybe something more, but he is just scared to show it?

Posted by dragoneyes I would love to know the answer to this. Okay three things If you establish a relationship with a cancerthe way the relationship was established being that fooling around was the Genesis source all this. A cancer usually behaves consistent to the way this relationship was being started.

What To Know When Hookup A Cancer Man

In that you start with sexual forays then hes going to respond in that fashion. As far as the 2 years of wanting only sex from youis a bit long if he just want something physical but cancers are slow yet tenaciously persistent. I think if you open a dialogue with him and discuss this issue with him rather than just guessing you could probably find out for yourself.

Cancer man and lust.

Hopefully this helps Good luck. Funny I say that link all fails, there's good ole' verbal communication" when solid verbal communication should be the foundation of anything good to happen, but I digress.

To add to what pnokio said, cancer men are all I've encountered take notes of the way you interact with them and will usually act on the leads that you give him, be it sex, good conversations, outings to baste in good feelings, or whatnot.

Keep in source they are slow to act, which in the case of getting them to do something differently, he will stick to one method until it no longer works for him. For instance, one I've known for going on 5 years, he would use sex to get me to come around. It worked until it didn't work anymore, then he would oh-so-subtly suggest other things that he knows I have already mentioned or done before All he wants is What To Know When Hookup A Cancer Man see me, plain and simple.

He has it so bad expressing how he feelsthat a few weeks ago he mentioned that he is attending a wedding. A week later he mentions he's the wedding again. He asks what I'll be doing. It never clicked for me. I have a different cancer I talked to for about four months that did the same thing with using sex to get me to come around.

Told him I only do vertical dates and stopped contacting him. Took him a few phone calls oddly to me, 3 calls each a month apart to realize I was serious.

What To Know When Hookup A Cancer Man

Now he only calls to 'see'. Posted by Lady Aries Funny I say that "if all fails, there's good ole' verbal communication" source solid verbal communication should be the foundation of anything good to happen, but I digress. So an Aries girl may well think "he hasn't called for a month - he is obviously just not that into me" and be shocked to receive a call the next day.

I believe this important information should be printed at the front of the Cancer Handbook. Posted by mpressjupita as a woman with an Aries moon dating a Cancer with a Cancer moon, i always have to talk myself down when he keeps me waiting or does things in a roundabout way, only because is way of functioning with reality is different.

Posted by fallforyou23 How Do you differentiate a cancer man from being genuine or just having lust? I think it's very hard to differentiate. Cancer men are different It's just their way I was in limbo for click. And no, good old communication doesn't work, because I asked him repeatedly if he just saw me as a friend, and he wouldn't answer, or said that's what he was to "figure out.

I swore he loved me, but then he'd disappear, contact from with him was sparradic. Finally I flipped my lid and wouldn't leave him alone until I finally got go here to say that I was a "friend. It's been a while now, but it seems he still hasn't forgotten and hasn't let me go.

I've blocked him every way I know how, but somehow he still finds me, at least every 2 weeks under the guise of work, but I KNOW. So who knows, maybe he did care, because I doubt he clings to "friends" this way. The good thing is that I've stopped feeling for him because I just can't anymore.

So I don't really care what he does at this point, it makes no difference to me. Part of me will always care, but that's where it ends, no more fantasy. It aint happening, so I just turned him off. I guess he's still in it, but I'm not.

So, yes, time will tell. Just don't let too long go by. I wish I had flipped my lid on him earlier, than I could've turned him off earlier. I think in the beginning it's only lust. You don't know that person well enough to know whether you'd be compatible. With men, you find out over time, how they really feel about you. Don't judge a man by what he says. Judge him by how he acts.

When a man loves you, you will know it. He'll be "on it like white on rice" blowing up your phone with texts, seeing you as often as possible and confessing his feelings for you. When a man's in love, he chases you. And if you're smart, you make him wait for the cookie and see what he brings to your table. There's no shortcut to taking the time to get to know the man. That's why it's foolish but all too predictable that we go "all in" once we get attracted What To Know When Hookup A Cancer Man a man.

Attraction is only half the banana.

This is why if you go out on dates and you always have him pay, this is a red flag to him. With men, you find out over time, how they really feel about you. One minute I think he's playing me and not really into me, then he will text me I miss you with hearts on it.

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He's an incredible kisser, and just makes me wet. Lust in the sense that all he wants is just to get you on his bed and nothing else. I know he is also loving me.

For me, I will never get married. But I don't feel like I need to be married to someone to be committed to them an. I know it's in the fine arts forum, but didnt know whete else to put it. Who should you date? Valentine special astro thread You know who you are: Please don't distract me I like order so I can create a mess! Which real life person do you aspire to be like?

I want to be a mayor or a governor though.